Obama in France : Live Report (1)

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This is a special report particularly intended for my Puma Friends who are not lucky enough today to be in France for the arrival of the Hero: that's why it will be written in English.
I will follow the footsteps of BO from the beginning to the end of his visit : check regularly for an update !

EPISODE 1 : 3.15 pm
It is imminent : the moment we have been awaiting for weeks has come !
He is due to arrive in a minute !
In Le Bourget Airport, everything is ready to welcome His Majesty. French TV channels are present : we will be able to follow the trace of the star step by step all afternoon.

However, I'm a little disappointed : I've just learnt that he will not spend the night in Paris. He is going to London later in the evening, and will only stay here a few hours.
What a pity ! He probably does not want to hurt the feelings of his fellow-Americans who still consider French people as anti-American. It will be better for him to stay for the night in London : don't forget that the British have supported George Bush's war in Iraq, so they are a better ally than we are ! This is a clear message to voters who still don't like France...

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