Obama in France : Live Report (3)

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16.17 p.m.

Here he is, at last !

Half an hour after the landing , the Star has finally gone out of the plane. It was high time !
Journalists were beginning to wonder if he was feeling sick... It would have been surprising : France is not far from Germany... It was  not a long trip...
As he went down the stairs, I had a strange feeling : I had the impression he was not happy to be here. He was tense,  not smiling, grinning. He even hesitated on the threshold of the plane, as if he did not really want to be in France, finally...
I suppose it is the prospect of meeting Sarkozy, in a few hours ! It can't be something you are looking forward to doing...

A good piece of news for all Hillary supporters : one of the French journalists who is commenting on this trip has just said that in spite of all the hype surrounding the "Obama tour", it simply does not seem to work in his own country. People are still worrying about the possibility of "Obama Commander-in-Chief". And he even said that Obama does not manage to convince the people who voted for Hillary during the primaries to support him : I think he was referring to you, Pumas !

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