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If we examine the headlines published in the french press over the last two days, we realize that the tide is turning... At last ! The media is gradually becoming aware of an obvious fact that Obama’s opponents (like our friends the Pumas) have kept repeating for weeks : Obama’s candidacy is something totally fake, it is pure illusion.

Obama, the candidate John McCain has just compared to Britney Spears, then to Moses, (!) is starting to make journalists and pundits have serious doubts and wonder if he can really be elected in the fall...
Here are a few examples of the headlines we can read today :
(you can click on the French translation to read the whole article)

-Obama has not benefited from his foreign tour
 La tournée étrangère de Barack Obama ne lui a pas été profitable

-Obama's tour : Americans are critical :
 Obama/tournée: les Américains critiques

-Obama's tour has provoked mixed reactions in the US :
La tournée d'Obama suscite des réactions contrastées aux USA

-Nothing can stop McCain : 
On n'arrête plus McCain

- Why McCain is still in the race :
Pourquoi McCain est toujours dans la course

-The enthusiasm that Obama generates will not last :
"L'euphorie autour d'Obama ne durera pas"

-Wal-Mart gets ready to fight against Obama :
Wal-Mart fourbit ses armes contre Obama

-Obama's meeting disturbed by young African-Americans :
Un meeting d'Obama perturbé par des jeunes Noirs

-American presidential election : Obama's lead is shrinking :
Présidentielle américaine: l'avance d'Obama sur McCain diminue ...

-Does Obama play the racial card ?
Barack Obama joue-t-il la carte raciale ?

-American election : Obama is popular, but fails to seduce voters
PRÉSIDENTIELLE AMÉRICAINE • Obama séduit l'opinion mais pas les électeurs

-Obama cannot be elected

Obama ne peut pas être élu. Milliere Guy

-Only three months before the election, American people feel depressed

A trois mois de la présidentielle, les Américains dépriment

Well, I think these headlines do not need to be commented upon ! It is clear that in France the honeymoon has ended...
By the way, the press also reveals tonight that Britney Spears is absolutely furious : she has not appreciated the comparison ! Spot contre Obama : Paris Hilton en colère(We can easily understand her reaction, can't we ?)

And, finally, even Angelina Jolie’s father, John Voight, is said to have seriously criticized the Democratic candidate :
John Voight allume Barack Obama. There will probably be some quarrels at home between Angelina, her husband and her father over Barack !

And to conclude our press review, I'd like to quote one French blogger who I think asks a question which is extremely relevant :
Is Obama better than Britney Spears and Paris Hilton ?
Obama vaut-il mieux que Britney Spears et Paris Hilton?

It's up to you to find the answer ! ! 


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