Hillary reassures her supporters !

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Over the last few days, a persistant rumour was circulating, quite depressing indeed for Hillary's supporters. 
It said that Hillary Clinton did not want to see her name put into nomination during the Denver Convention, meaning she wished to withdraw from the race for good, and that she refused to let her delegates vote for her on the first ballot.

Now it seems that once again, this rumour was false, probably orchestrated by the hostile media and the Obama camp, to discredit the senator from New York and to discourage her supporters who are trying their best to convince the Democratic party to have an "open convention". They have repeatedly said that the 18 million people who voted for Hillary Clinton during the primaries must be represented and heard.

As this video shows, Hillary Clinton has been keen on reassuring her supporters : she makes it clear she would strongly prefer to be put in for nomination, although it does not depend entirely on her own will. She says that is the best solution for the Party if Democrats want to be united in the fall : they have to let people be heard, that will permit a sort of "catharsis", which is necessary to reconcile everybody.

Script available by clicking on this link : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/john-tomasic/clinton-calls-for-cathart_b_116482.html

But now, we must keep our fingers crossed, hoping that she will be heard by her Party ! And above all, it remains to be seen if Barack Obama will agree. It's far from certain, because he must know there is a real risk for him. Indeed, if he continues to fall in polls and to be ridiculed by John McCain, the delegates could think twice, and change their minds...
But the problem is that HE, the Chosen One, the Moses of the 21st century, might not accept to see anybody challenge his supremacy !
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