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Democrats, be careful !
Every day Your PRESUMPTIVE nominee is losing ground among those who had believed in him from the start :
young people, college-educated persons, Independents, and above all, even more worrying -and unexpected-, African-Americans.

This is something the Democratic party so far has refused to recognize, but that they will have inevitably to face before and during the Denver Convention. 
Of course, everybody understands how difficult it is to acknowledge a mistake publicly, all the more as this error might have terrible consequences on the lives of millions of people.  
And yet, this is what is currently happening.

The Democratic party is facing an undeniable fact  : they have chosen the weaker candidate, and now they may well lose an election that they should have won easily, given the unprecedented impopularity of the current Republican administration.
However, it is not too late. As we wrote on this blog yesterday, Hillary Clinton is ready to forgive them. She is ready to forget the scandalous way she was treated by her own party, and to accept to be their choice, after all. She wants her name to be put in for nomination : it means, if the delegates recognize they have been wrong and choose to vote for her, she will willingly agree to become the candidate. Everything can happen in Denver, if the delegates are given the possibility to vote for her. Denver will take place in twenty days : if Obama continues to fall in the polls, why should Democrats not change their minds ?

But the question is : what happened to the "Chosen One" ? Why has he disappointed so many supporters in such a short time ?
What will remain as the symbol of this descent into hell is undoubtedly the incident which happened in Florida the day before yesterday, between the Illinois senator and young African-Americans, as you can see in this video :

"What about the Black Community, Obama" : these were the words written on the sign the three young men held up. In fact, they were members of a left-wing pro-African organization, which means they are well-informed people. They know what they speak about. If they think that Obama will not do anything in favour of the black community, it reveals how much Obama has neglected them so far. Playing basketball was  not enough to convince them he was worthy of standing for them !

It is even worse than neglect, in reality : by refusing to be the candidate of a particular minority in order not to lose White people's support, Obama has started to arouse the hostility of his most faithful followers.
It was a delicate challenge indeed : in such a country as the USA, how could one claim he could stand for all the minorities and the white majority at the same time, how could one pretend to be a "uniter", as Obama likes to present himself ?
As this video shows, we can assert that he has failed.

But what is even more worrying for the presumptive nominee, is that while he has been losing support among Blacks, he is also disappointing young people, who are weary of his constant flip-flops, especially about the Iraq war, or more recently offshore drilling. Eventually, American youth is starting to realize that their hero is perhaps not so "green", and everybody knows that environment is a very important issue for young people. As for Iraq, nobody understands anything : what does Obama really want ? an immediate withdrawal of the American troops : it seems to depend on his mood !

Furthermore, he has also been a disappointment for college-educated people, and liberals in general, owing to his contradictory statements on death penalty or gun-bearing.
Finally, although he had introduced himself as the candidate who could attract Independent voters (who, with women are likely to play an important role in this election), he is not their favourite currently, as a recent study has shown. These people, who are neither Republicans nor Democrats, were seduced by what they saw as a new figure at the beginning of the primary campaign. Now, they understand that Obama is in fact "much ado about nothing" to quote the title of one of Shakespeare's play.
It means he is an expert at false promises, he is not a different kind of politician. As others, he is only interested in promoting himself and reaching the top.

To conclude, we've found here a lot of Obama's ex-fans. How remarkable, Mr Obama, what you have achieved so far, only two months after proclaiming yourself the winner of the Democratic primary.
That's probably more than what Hillry Clinton was expecting...
So, now, all her fans are really right to be hopeful !


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