Obama fatigue ? Well, go on holiday (like him) !

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Yesterday, a new poll released revealed that Americans are starting to suffer from a mysterious disease called the "Obama fatigue" : this study was published by the Pew organisation : it shows that 48 % of those questioned think they have been hearing too much about the presumptive Democratic candidate. Only 28 % feel the same about John McCain.
These figures are not surprising at all, if we bear in mind the huge media coverage that Obama has received for several months : people may have the unpleasant impression that the media is trying to impose its choice onto them. American voters are mature enough to make up their minds alone : they do not need journalists to tell them for whom they must vote. And, in the long run, no doubt this will erode his popularity : excessive exposure may eventually prove to be more harmful than beneficial.

In any case, Barack Obama has found the solution : he is going on holiday tomorrow ! At least, he will not appear on TV screens for a few days, except if some paparazzis manage to take snapshots of him and his family on the beach. Obama is now a celebrity like Paris Hilton, remember ? So it would be normal for reporters to follow him everywhere, even when he is vacationing ! Let's be sure that once in Hawaï, he will find plenty of opportunities to go on making the headlines !

This is shocking, and perhaps unprecedented. Once again, it shows how arrogant this man is...
Probably forgetting that this is election year, or simply thinking that he has already won the election, he prefers to go on vacation in Hawaï than to meet voters across the US, as normally a candidate should do, to explain his views and his plans for the future of the country. But I am forgetting that he has no view, no plan, no program for the country !

However, what is really revolting is the fact that while he'll be on holiday, Hillary will have to campaign for him. She is due to participate to two electoral meetings in the next few days to support Obama"s candidacy, in Nevada and Florida (two states she won). Of course, this is not much ! This was probably the minimum she could do to make people believe she wants Obama to win in november !

But I think the best solution would be the following one :
Obama wants Hillary to campaign for him. She has agreed to do that (a little). So why doesn't he stay on holiday, in Hawaï for several weeks, even months, while she campaigns across the country... in her own name ?

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