Hillary : "Nothing is over"

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Hillary's supporters had feverishly expected some big announcement today. She was due to chat with them on her blog, at noon.
Well, she answered a dozen questions indeed for about an hour and a half, including one concerning her name put in nomination, but she did not really reveal her intentions.

Let's quote her first :
Someone asked her :
"Is there any possibility of your name being placed in nomination for President at the convention? This would at least give your supporters a voice in the choice for the party's nominee."
She answered :
"I know that there have been a lot of questions on this subject. Senator Obama and I share the goal of ensuring that the voices of everyone who participated in this historic process are respected. I want to assure everyone we are working together with Senator Obama's campaign and the DNC, and I am confident we will have a successful and unified Convention in Denver. "

Nothing really new, in fact ! Tonight, Hillary told her fans only what she has been repeating for several weeks. So there must be a little disappointment among them . They may have believed, especially after what they had seen in that great video during the meeting in California (see previous post : "Hillary reassures her supporters"), she would make it clear that she would accept her name to be put in nomination.
But she hasn't. Why ?
It's not very difficult to understand : in reality, she simply COULD not do this. It is too early. She will probably wait until the convention, on the day when the vote takes place, August 26th. If there are 300 delegates who submit a petition to require her to be nominated on the ballots, she will probably accept. How could she refuse ?
It will certainly not be very difficult to find 300 delegates to support her.

But, meanwhile, she is in some way "obliged" to hide her true intentions. She cannot do otherwise. She could be accused of being a divider, and the DNC might well threaten her. Not to mention what the Obama team could do... It has been reported recently that Howard Dean has personally called some delegates to order them not to sign the petition. He has threatened them. Remember the methods used by the DNC ?

So, even if it disappoints and frustrates her fans a little, we cannot blame Hillary for not revealing what she intends to do for the moment. We may only notice she has not said she was giving her delegates to Obama, she has not said "no" when the question of her name put in nomination was asked.
So let's keep hoping.
Now we know for sure it is not over...
Remember the saying : "Never count a Clinton out" !

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