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This was certainly intended to appear as modern and unconventional ; it is simply ridiculous,  not to say grotesque.

The news that the presumptive Democratic candidate was to announce the name of his running mate by text message addressed in priority to his supporters is nothing but a farce.

However, it is typical of Obama : publicity, superficiality, image, communication, total lack of substance. From the beginning, this campaign was and has remained only STORY-TELLING.
This time the story is : if you are one of my supporters and are registered on my site, you will have the opportunity to “be the first to know !” (I am not quoting a tabloid’s slogan, I am quoting David Plouffe, Barack Obama’s campaign manager !) ! You will receive a message by mail or on your mobile phone “the minute Barack makes his decision” !

What is this all about ?
Are we speaking about politics or is it advertising ?
Is it a presidential election or product marketing ?
Is it a game or a serious matter ?

I hope everybody understands what it means, what for it is organized like this.

It means that Obama has simply wanted to avoid a press-conference in which he would have been obliged to explain his choice in details, to justify himself, and above all to answer questions !
No, Obama does not want to answer questions.
Obama does not want to confront journalists.
Obama does not want to debate with his opponents : during the primaries, he declined several propositions made by the Hillary campaign to organize more debates ; and for the november election, he has only agreed to the minimum number of debates with John McCain.

Obama has built and developed his primary campaign thanks to the use of the Internet and mobile phones. He has run what we could call a “technologically sophisticated campaign” Now he wants to use text messages to show people that he is a master at new technological devices and modern means of communication.

Meanwhile, voters are still desperately waiting for his answers to the crucial problems America is facing.
A new war is threatening in Eastern Europe : so far, Obama has nothing to say about it.
Amazing, isn’t it ?
Not so much !
Mr Obama is too busy playing with his mobile phone, sending text messages…

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