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In a few days, an upcoming issue of The Atlantic Monthly will reveal Clinton campaign's memos in details.
These are the numerous e-mails exchanged by the members of the Clinton camp during  the primary campaign.
Some of them have already been disclosed in the press and it appears that the Clinton camp was much divided over the strategy to adopt in order to win the nomination race against Barack Obama.

The main cause of disagreement was : shoud Hillary try to portray Obama as "not American enough" ?

Here is what Mark Penn, Clinton's communication director wrote in March 2007 :
"His roots to basic American culture and values are at best limited. (...) I cannot imagine America electing a president at a time of war who is not at his center fundamentally American in his thinking and values".

Of course, as we all know, Hillary refused to follow Penn's suggestion. She probably thought such words would be considered as racist, and she was afraid...

But today, we can assert SHE WAS WRONG :
- First, even if some might have considered such an approach as racism, this was not.
Mark Pennn here was only telling the truth (see one of our previous articles "Certificate of ineligibility") : it is now clear that Barack Obama did not have a traditional American childhood, his early years were spent in Indonesia, his family is both Kenyan and Indonesian, his real name is Barry Soetoro ; etc...

This raises serious doubts about his feeling of patriotism, especially if we remember some puzzling statements he made , or Michelle Obama's controversial words about not feeling proud of her country.

- Secondly, the New Yorker's caricature, even if it may have shocked sensitive minds, reminded everybody that there are interrogations about Obama's religion and possible links with extremists : of course, for the moment, all this is seen as rumors circulating on the Internet, but there are some troubling facts, especially about the financing of his campaign by foreign money, that we will explain on this blog in coming days.

- Thirdly : THIS WAS AN ELECTORAL CAMPAIGN, and Hillary is no beginner.
She should have known that in times of electoral campaign, no attack is too harsh, on the contrary. If you want to become president of the USA you must be ready to say anything about your opponent, even exaggerations, caricatures, or (why not ?) lies. This may not be very pleasant, but this is how it works. I am very surprised : in the past, Hillary was generally the least shy of the two Clintons, during Bill's campaigns. When she was younger, and he was running (for governor or president) she was the one who generally told him to dare... And this time it was she who dared not...

- Fourthly : America is still very fragile. Americans are worried about the international situation. During the 2000 and 2004 elections, one main thing determined their votes : VALUES.
Why has Hillary forgotten this obvious fact ?
All the surveys which were made proved that Democrats lost these two elections because voters trusted Republicans more as far as "values" were concerned.
So now, think for a while : who can reasonably think that Obama has a simple chance of winning against McCain if voters give the priority to "values" ?

- Lastly : John McCain and Republicans are probably looking forward to reminding American voters of Obama's lack of American origins and upbringing, and to the indifference, not to say scorn, he and his wife have often displayed for their nation : the flag pin, or when he did not place his hand over his heart for the national anthem in Iowa, and of course the insulting words of his pastor Jeremy Wright.

No doubt the Republicans have already prepared plenty of ads that will appear on TV as soon as the official campaign starts in September.
No doubt that will at best provoke a feeling of uneasiness among voters ; at worst, it will of course make them reject a man who represents so many things they are not accustomed to. A man who does not look like them, who is so different from them... Not the father they need to reassure them in such troubled times...

A man they definitely cannot choose to become their leader !

If Hillary had been a little more courageous, if she had not feared for her Senate career, if she had been less interested in her future role in the Democratic Party, she would have said all that during her campaign...
And no doubt today, she would be the one preparing to deliver her acceptance speech in Denver !

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Michigan4Hillary 14/08/2008 03:13

I don't know. I wish Hillary would have been more aggressive starting right after Iowa. If the Obama campaign and the mainstream media was going to paint her as a racist anyway, she might as well have released the Rev. Wright tapes before it was too late. But I think Hillary did the honorable thing in her mind at the time and did not want to inject race into a primary she thought she could win. Who could have imagined what horrible things the Obama campaign did to smear the Clintons after he lost New Hampshire? I'm hoping that now Obama will get what he deserves when McCain goes after him using Rev. Wright and affirmative action. Obama can no longer use the race card because he's now like the little boy who cried wolf. Most Americans have had enough with the Obama campaign whining about racism that really isn't there.