"Obama nation" : Abomination !

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The French press is practically mute, silent on it, but in the USA it is already a best-seller : Jerome Corsi has released a new book entitled "Obama nation".

"Obama Nation" is a new book by the American author Jerome Corsi, who wrote "Unfit for Command' in 2004, which was about John Kerry and probably contributed to George Bush's victory.
Of course, this is an attack by Conservative groups against the presumptive Democratic nominee, and a clear attempt to discredit him in the eyes of voters. Yet, it would be silly to assert that these are only lies and to dismiss the book as propaganda, as some are going to say, or have already said in the press.
Rather than ignoring what is written in this book, it would be more reasonable to examine it carefully, with no passion and  no bias.

First of all,  it must be said that the author is no charlatan : Jerome Corsi is a former Harvard PhD in political science, so he knows what he writes about. Remark the subtlety of the title "Obama nation " which sounds like "abomination". The subtitle is "Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality".
The internauts who are used to visiting anti-Obama sites will probably find a lot of stuff they already know about. But the purpose of this book is to inform the vast majority of people, in America and all over the world, those who are ignorant of Obama's real personality and of all the aspects of his life that he has been very careful to hide so far.

For instance, the first chapter is called "Myths from His Father", which is of course a pun on "Dreams from my father", which is the title of Obama's autobiography.
Then the book denounces all the somber side of Obama : "Black Rage, Drugs and a Communist Mentor" the second chapter. Corsi wonders whether Obama has stopped taking drugs; indeed, Obama has admitted using marijuana and occasionally cocaine when he was in high school and during his early years in college. But Corsi asks : has he totally stopped ?


And then, in the following chapter, other, maybe more troubling, issues are dealt with : "Kenya, Odinga, Communism and Islam".
A little later in the book, there are developments about Tony Rezko, the Chicago businessman who was accused of corruption and has been one of Obama's fundraisers. Of course, there is also a chapter about Jeremiah Wright, his pastor and close friend.
And the final chapters are more political : "The Cult of Personality" ; "A Far Left Domestic Policy" and "Obama"s anti-war, anti-Israel Foreign Policy."

In this book, Obama is portrayed as an ultra-leftist and the author says his patriotism may really be questioned and he has strong links to Islam and black militants (as we said yesterday, here on this blog we will be examining in details these accusations).

According to Corsi, Obama is an extremist, he is dangerous for America : his aim is to keep him away from the oval office : "I am writing this book strictly to examine and oppose Barack Obama".

 Of course, Republicans are already exploiting this book on their sites, and Fox News has made special interviews and reports on it. Of course, this can be considered as biased and partial, but who can deny "the Cult of Personality" ? Who can deny there are doubts about his patriotism ? Who can deny the mystery of his fake birth certificate ? Who can deny his double identity Barry Soetoro / Barack Obama ,
Instead of laughing at it, and making fun of all these accusations, claiming they are false, why isn't the media doing its job of investigation ? This is the only thing we are asking for !
For the moment, we are not saying here that Obama is a dangerous terrorist whose aim is to destroy America. We are only requiring facts to be examined, and legal questions to be taken into account by attorneys, by the FEC (Federal Elction Commission) to say if Obama's election to the Senate was valid and he is eligible to the presidency of the country.
So far, no response has been given to all these interrogations
Why, Why is Barack Obama offered a free ride to the top ? Whose interests are being protected ?
These are questions anybody is entitled to ask : American citizens and voters, of course. But here in Europe too, and in France too, we have the right to ask, because if this man were to be elected, everybody knows that there would be important consequences for the international community.
And we just want the truth to be said before it is too late...

The question is now : when will the book be translated in French ?
Will there be any publisher brave enough to accept to debunk the myth ?

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