A first victory ?

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Breaking news : about two hours ago, Hillary's supporters were given satisfaction : Hillary's name will be placed in nomination in Denver.
For several months, they have been saying aloud that the Convention of the "Democratic" Party needs to be organized in a "democratic" manner. Today, this is clearly a first step, all the more as this decision seemed unlikely only a few days ago. It means the delegates will be allowed to vote for her during the convention. This will be a real selection, not a coronation..

Therefore, we can celebrate this move forward, although we are perfectly aware that Barack Obama would not be taking risks if he had the slightest doubt about the outcome of the vote. He certainly knows what he is doing, as only a few days ago, he repeated he was hostile to such an idea. So if he changed his mind, it is certainly because he is sure that a large majority of delegates will vote for him during the convention.
So beware : this decision, which may be considered as a victory by all the supporters of Hillary might well be in reality a desperate attempt to make them fall in line. If this was planned to "crush"  Hillary, her supporters may even become angrier and angrier.
If this is only a symbol offered to please us, we have no motive for feeling satisfied. Especially if we consider the blackmail of which some superdelegates were the victims : some have been threatened to be excluded from the party if they did not "obey the rules".
To conclude, I wonder if we Hillary supporters do not have even more reasons for worrying now, and should not avoid rejoicing over it.
But, all right, for the moment, let's pretend we believe in this beautiful story...

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