Obama's gift to Hillary ?

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A lot of Obama fans will say : "What an admirable man ! How magnanimous !"
"He has finally accepted to let her name place in nomination : he is so generous !"
In the press, this morning, we can read : "It is a tribute he wants to pay to her". He wants her historical primary campaign to be publicly recognized", etc... , etc...

Are we being fooled ?
No Clinton supporter will be so naïve as to believe in Obama's generosity. Everybody understands that the man is only seeking to protect his own interests.
He has never cared for Clinton, not a second.

His team hates her. They hate both the Clintons. They only wish they could rid of them , but they simply can't !
Obama is perfectly aware that he needs Hillary. He needs Bill. Desperately.

He has been to Europe. He stayed there for more than a week.
Now he has been in Hawaï for several days.
These are undoubtedly strategical mistakes.
He has wasted precious time. It would have been preferable for him to go on the campaign trail, trying to court those white working-class voters who continue to reject his candidacy.
Now he knows he will never manage to convince them.
Moreover, Clinton supporters are getting organized : the anti-Obama movement has grown over the last few days. Many groups, like the Pumas, will be present in Denver and have planned to march to protest against the way this election was managed by the DNC. They are determined to make their voices be heard. Thousands of them, probably.
No doubt it threatens to undermine the image of unity Obama has tried to convey since June ! And it will certainly cost him a lot in Novamber, all the more as a recent poll has shown that John McCain has managed to unite the Republican Party and to appeal to his base. Obama has failed in doing so. This is why he has lost his edge in recent polls.
So which solution has he got left ?

Bill and Hillary !
This is the only reason which has made him agree to have Clinton's name placed in nomination...
So please, stop praising him for his generosity ! We are fed up with it !

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