John McCain was right

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Do you remember John McCain's ad a few days ago, presenting Obama as a celebrity like Britney Spears or Paris Hilton ?

A lot of people made fun of him, or were quite shocked, saying it was pure exaggeration.
Well, today we know that the Republican candidate was right : Obama is the new Britney Spears or the new Paris Hilton.

Instead of hitting the campaign trail and explaining the details of his solutions for America, here is what he has been doing over the last few days, in Honolulu :

Thank you, Mr Obama, for such beautiful photos. They are indeed perfect ... for a celebrity !
Now Paris Hilton and Britney Spears will indeed have some difficulties to make the cover pages of the gutter press magazines. You are a terrible adversary : both girls are sure losers against you. You look so great ! Young, healthy, vigorous, slim, etc... Except for one thing : bodysurfing ? Why "body" surfing, and not "wind"surfing ? Are you not able to stand on a board ? Or were you afraid to be photographed falling into the sea ? Oh I see ! People might have said : if he is not able to stand on the water, we may really have doubts about his capacity to stand firm on issues, to be a great leader...

In any case, congratulations for these vacation snapshots. Now we know what kind of president you would be : a real celebrity ; a star ; a "bling bling" president.

As a French person, I have a good piece of advice for my American friends : Be careful ! A "Bling bling president can prove to be a disaster for his country...
And I know what (or who) I speak about !

Do you see any difference ?
Of course, there is A big difference : one man is alone ; the other one is with his wife.
So... the question is...
Where is Michelle ?
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Michigan4Hillary 17/08/2008 17:03

Where is Michelle?
That is a good question. Another big question is why didn't Michelle and the kids visit Barry's typical white grandmother? Something fishy is definitely going on here.
Or maybe Michelle just didn't want to be pictured in a bathing suit?