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So the questions remain.  The Democrat convention is arriving fast, and still Obama refuses to address the fundamental question of the location of his birth.  His previous response to months and months of the same questions, in the fashion an internet post of what he represented to be a Copy of his Certificate of Live Birth, has been under severe scrutiny and has not seemed to pass the test with flying colors. (See our previous post "Certificate of Ineligibility".)

 More than ever, the release of a recently certified copy of the actual birth certificate is necessary. An obscure law passed, it seems, to prevent GIs’ offsprings born from Korean prostitutes, from claiming US citizenship, would disqualify Obama from running for the Presidency, if he was not born in the US.  It states that to automatically pass on her US citizenship, Ann, his natural-born parent, should have been required to have resided in the United States for 10 years, at least "five of which had to be after the age of 16.'" Ann was 18 when Obama was born.

 So if Obama’s Hawaiian Birth Certificate was a “late” or “altered” Birth Certificate (see our previous post for precisions on such possibility), showing the actual birth location outside the US, Obama under such law could not run for the presidency.

Report from a former friend of Obama’s mother, Susan Blake, placing the later with infant Obama at the time of birth or very soon after on Mercer Island, Canada, one more time raised the possibility of Obama being actually born in Canada.  Remote possibility at that if you asked me.

 Another twist to the Birth Certificate mystery is the possibility that Obama was adopted by his Stepfather and that the name now appearing on Obama’s BC is Barry Soetoro (see previous post).

 In the recent days, more evidences and testimonies have surfaced to the fact that while living in Indonesia with his mother, stepfather and baby sister, Obama was known as Barry Soetoro.  A copy of a registration form issued by Fransiskus Assisi school in Jakarta, Indonesia, the private school he attended in 1968 while in first grade has come up to light and its legitimacy has been backed by AP.

The registration indicates Obama being registered under the name Barry Soetoro, being declared an Indonesian Citizen and a Muslim.

 A childhood friend, Yunaldi Askiar has come forth with the same info. One of his teachers at the Fransiskus Assisi School, Israella Darmawan, fondly remember little Barry.

Besides the issue of dual citizenship, already discussed, not having disclosed using another name at some point in his life could land Obama in stormy waters.
Several times in his adult life, Obama had to certify having never used another name. Lying on those forms could cause problem as for instance with the Illinois Supreme Court. (Here, we can read : "Full licensed name : Barack Hussein Obama"
"Full Former Name : None") 

Also if Obama’s legal name is still Barry Soetoro, because Obama chose to avoid dealing with the entire issue altogether and never bothered to officially change it back to Barack Hussein Obama, who got elected to the Illinois State Senate, and to the United States Senate? Barack Hussein Obama a person who legally does not exist?

So until Obama give the dignity of an answer to the American people he wants to lead, I suggest this for a sign :


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