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If you go to Hillary's web site, you may well be surprised.
From the beginning of June to recently, when you arrived on the home page, you  could only find a message encouraging visitors to contribute to Obama's campaign. All the references to her own campaign had disappeared from the moment she had pronounced her concession speech in Washington, on the seventh of June.
It was as if her candidacy had vanished, there was no trace of it, as if engulfed in the Obama tornado.
For her, it was an obligation : she was forced to swear allegiance to the great man, and to raise funds for him.

And yet, all this changed as soon as the announcement was made that her name was put in nomination in Denver. Suddenly, everything looks like the good old days again : her site has become HER campaign site again, and she is asking for money, as she did during the primaries, saying she "will keep standing up for us."
"Keep standing up", when they have tried to make her fall for so long...
For sure, this is ironical !

Moreover, it is to be noted that the message which asks for donations,  is extremely ambiguous :
"Join Hillary in Denver. Contribute today and you could be Hillary's special guest for the Democratic convention."
The reference to the Denver convention is made in her own name.
Not once in this call for contributions does she mention the Obama campaign.
She invites us to join HER in Denver.
Besides, the choice of the picture to illustrate her home page message is :

A plane taking off !
Not a plane landing !
Looks like a beginning not an end...
Could it be the symbol of the beginning of a new fight ?

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