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"Hillary Clinton's name is put in nomination, and there will be a roll call vote at Denver Democratic Convention. But this vote is purely symbolic. Of course, Hillary has no chance of winning the nomination..."

Since we learnt the news two days ago, this has been what we have been hearing or reading in the media.
Stop it !
How is it possible to say such nonsense ? How can anybody assert that a vote is "purely symbolic" ?
A vote cannot be simply symbolic ! This is an oxymoron !
When people vote, they are fully implicated. They have thought beforehand, they have reflected upon their choice ; they go to the polls to fulfill their duty as citizens. They vote because they were granted the right to do so after centuries of fight and vindications : for example,  women or African-Americans,  had to wait for a long time before being allowed to vote. Some lost their lives to obtain the right to vote. In some parts of the world, in dictatorships and totalitarian countries, millions of citizens are still denied this right.
The right to vote is a precious thing : it enables democracy to remain alive.

And suddenly, today, in what is called the "Democratic" party, we can hear: "this vote is symbolic". It is anecdotical. It only aims at soothing down the frustrated and angry supporters of Hillary,  at making them pleased, and above all... at keeping them quiet.

18 million votes...
This is the figure reached by Hillary during this primary campaign.
More than any candidate has ever achieved.

18 million votes...
And now, they are told they are only "symbolic". They are told they don't count. They are told they went to the polls this winter, sometimes under the snow, sometimes under the storm, for nothing.
Nothing at all !

Some of them have been trying to organize themselves for many many weeks.
They have formed groups, coalitions, associations.
They have created forums, sites, blogs.
They have participated to TV programs,  have been interviewed on the radio many times...
They have sent thousands of letters to the DNC, to superdelegates, to the media...
They have spent their whole summer trying to make their votes count, trying to make their opinions be listened to...

They have worked days and nights, long hours, sacrificing their holiday, their children, their family life.
Some of them could have gone on vacation, maybe in Hawaï, in Honolulu, for example.
Some of them could have enjoyed themselves for this is the only time in the year when they can relax, because their job is sometimes difficult, tiring, not always well-paid, and they really need to relax.
They have preferred to dedicate their time, their energy to the great cause :
make sure that they would be heard ; that their choice in the primaries would be respected, that the delegate who represents them would vote for the one they have chosen : Hillary Clinton.

So can you imagine what all these million people must be thinking today, when they hear their party say their votes are "symbolic", "purely symbolic" ?

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Pierre 19/08/2008 02:12


Représentant de John McCain en France sur Paris, je réalise que dans d'autres circonstances nous ne serions pas du même bord. Cependant, nous sommes apparemment d'accord sur deux choses : Obama a dperdu la primaire (personne ne le conteste sur le niveau des voix, on n'en parle juste pas) et John McCain DOIT gagner en novembre.

Seriez vous d'accord pour que votre blog soit ajouté sur le site John McCain France ? Pour montrer que les supporter d'Hillary Clinton soutiennent John McCain, et non un danger ambulant extrémiste "who is not ready to lead ?"