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American voters had better think twice in November when election day comes. They should be very careful when they choose the person who is going to enter the Oval Office and who will answer the phone at three o'clock in the morning.

What is currently happening in Georgia is quite worrying as it is threatening to become a major crisis, but at least, we may thank God it is taking place now, and not when it is too late.
"Thanks to" the Georgia / Russia conflict, we have been offered the opportunity to "test" the candidates for the presidency.
And the results of this exam are far from encouraging for the Democratic Party if the DNC leaders cling to their choice in Denver.
It is now appearing clearly and concretely that Barack Obama is NOT READY TO LEAD !

Let's make first a brief summary of the inconsistency of his successive reactions to the crisis : 
- First he contented himself with saying that Georgia and Russia had "to show restraint".
(Are really the two countries to be placed on equal footing ? Has he understood who the real aggressor was ?)
- Secondly, he called for a United Nations Security Council resolution which would condemn Russia.
(The problem is that none of his 300 foreign policy advisers (!) has told him that Russia, being a member of that Council, would obviously veto such resolution.)
- Thirdly, he became a little tougher asking for more UN involvement.
- Fourthly, one of his advisers, Susan Rice, showed her great knowledge and intelligence when she stated :
"John McCain shot from the hip, a very aggressive, belligerent statement. He may or may have not complicated the situation."
It means that for Obama's advisers, John McCain is telling Putin what to do : he is the one who complicates the situation ! If Obama were to be elected president, I would advise him to change his foreign policy advisers, otherwise, the country may well be in a difficult situation...

Everybody remembers the "Obama tour", organized in July in order to make him appear presidential, and its climax in Berlin, where Obama delivered something like a "prenaugural address", echoing Kennedy...
Well, I'm afraid such great efforts have been vain. Obama has not learnt much from his trip.

For now, he even looks less presidential than before.
And what is more cruel for him, is the comparison we may draw with John McCain.
Concerning the Georgia crisis, nobody will deny that the Republican candidate has shown strong leadership. When we see him react, when we hear him, we can't prevent ourselves from thinking : this is a reliable commander-in-chief. This man will be able to protect America if it is threatened. This man will be able to deal with the Russian leaders if they become too belligerent. He will be able to prevent a third world war. He is strong. He is determined. He knows what he speaks about. And, we may even pay him a tribute for his statement about Putin. Contrary to George Bush or the French president Nicolas Sarkozy (who is currently the President of Europe) John McCain is apparently not one of Putin's best friends : "I looked into Mr Putin's eyes, and I saw three things : a K and a G and a B."

When we listen to Obama, and when we watch him, we are simply APPALLED :

Here we see three different individuals :
two are obvious leaders, trustworthy and self-confident, people you can rely on.
Another one does not seem to understand what he is reading, does not even seem to understand what he is saying. He appears to be totally lost, as if he had been forced to read some notes that somebody else wrote, without even knowing what the whole thing is about !
So my only question after seeing this video is :
Is this a joke ? Is the Democratic Party kidding ?
Where does this man come from ? Another planet ?
How is it possible that such an ignorant person might be on the verge of being nominated officially candidate for president of one of the two major American political parties ?
Which world are we living in ?
Have Americans become mad ?

It must be extremely difficult for Democrats to acknowledge it, but it is an undeniable fact : John McCain is by far the more convincing of the two. He is the one who would know how to handle a foreign-policy emergency at 3 a.M.
When he declared : "Russian military forces crossed an internationally recognized border into the sovereign territory of Georgia (...) The very existence of independent Georgia - and the survival of democratically elected government are at stake", he was immediately criticized as "too extreme."
Now, the behaviour of the Russian government, refusing to withdraw Russian troops, although they signed an agreement with the French president Nicolas Sarkozy a few days ago, which stipulated that they would soon do it, proves that John McCain was right : this was pure aggression from Russia.
Obama did  not seem to grasp the importance of the Russian attack, as he blamed Russia and Georgia for being equally responsible for the crisis, as if he did not dare criticize the Russian president Medvedev (it must not be forgotten that Medvedev is a puppet into Putin's hands, as he acceeded to the presidency thanks to him : this is Putin who chose him as his successor) :
"Now is the time for Georgia and Russia to show restraint and avoid escalation into a full scale war."
This is what Obama said !
How is such silliness possible ?
The answer is simple : Obama never works ! And now the consequences of his laziness are becoming more and more visible every day...

Contrary to Obama, John McCain has been working on international issues for years : he helped found Ronald Reagan's International Institute in 1983. Moreover, since 1999, he has expressed concerns over the risks of Russian expansionism, and for him Vladimir Putin was a danger from the start. When Russia started to strike Chechnya, McCain warned that it could spread to Georgia. Let's remember that he has visited Georgia several times, unlike Obama.
While Obama was vacationing in Hawaï, John McCain was considering things very seriously, saying he was sending Joe Liebraman and Lindsey Graham to Georgia : the three men are members of the Senate Armed Forces Committee.

The Senate Armed Forces Committee...
But Hillary Clinton is also a member of this committee !
Obama is not.

It means, as we see in the video, that the Democratic Party has at its disposal, a candidate who is such an expert at foreign policy matters that she had predicted months before what is now happening in Georgia.
"If we were to attack Iraq now, alone or with few allies, it would set a precedent that could come back to haunt us. In recent days, Russia has talked of an invasion of Georgia to attack Chechen rebels."
That was in 2002, and she was detailing her opposition to a pre-emptive attack on Iraq, by citing some possible consequences.
The fact that she was able to see this coming six years ago shows her remarkable knowledge of foreign affairs, and her superior judgement : exactly the qualities that a president needs.

This is not surprising : Hillary Clinton, contrary to Obama, is a person who has worked seriously as a member of the Armed Forces Committee. She is not a member of this Senate committee just because she knew she wanted to run for president and she needed to have this qualification : from the moment she was appointed, she really took an interest in her job, and she carefully studied international problems. It was not a superficial commitment, like Obama's.
Because, unlike him, Hillary Clinton has always been a hard working person.

Since her adolescence, she has been interested in politics and she has dedicated her time, her energy to it.
Unlike Obama, she is sincere. She wants to become president of the USA because she thinks it is her mission.

Of course, she is ambitious, but contrary to Obama, it is not only a selfish ambition. She wants to reach the top, but not like him, to satisfy her ego and her pride, not only to tell herself "I am the best I have become the most powerful person in the world."
Hillary Clinton's ambition is an ambition she has for her country,  not for herself

And when it comes to protecting America, I would rather trust a woman who is aware of international dangers than a man who apparently does not even know where Georgia is situated, and who prefers to go bodysurfing while there is a major international crisis...
What does Obama know about the world ?
Nothing !
What has he said so far about the world ?
Platitudes... only platitudes...
What does he know about Europe ?
Nothing !
Isn't he the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's subcommittee on European Affairs ?
It means this issue concerns the jurisdiction of the committee, especially since Georgia has expressed its desire to join NATO and to play an active role in the European community.
It means Obama should not be discovering the problem today.
As the chairman of this subcommittee, he should have studied the problem of the relation between Russia and Georgia before, and should have been aware of Moscow's intentions before the invasion.
So why did he seem to discover the names "Georgia" and "Ossetia" only a few days ago ?
It's clear when we see the pictures of the video, that when he reads his notes, he has never pronounced those two names before.
It means he has never been interested in the problem.
It means he chairs a subcommittee, but he has never done his job seriously, as he was too preoccupied with his future electoral campaign.
Is that the kind of man a country which is the first world's superpower can trust ?

Everybody has understood that the whole conflict once again is about oil, and that nothing will stop Russia in its attempt to conquer strategic lands. Everybody, except Obama !
And once again, the MSM is not playing its role : it does not denounce the vacuum of Obama's position. It only criticizes McCain for being a hawk, and for recreating a cold war.
And today, CNN has dared : Jack Cafferty asked this incredible question : "Is John McCain another George Bush ?
Russia invades Georgia and George Bush goes on vacation. He has spent one third of his two terms (...) on vacation (...) McCain takes week-ends off. He is as intellectually shallow as George Bush
Am I reading correctly ?
Is that JohnMcCain who is accused of being another George Bush ?
Is that John McCain who is accused of being intellectually shallow ?
But who was the one on vacation in Hawaï ?
Who was the one who spoke platitudes ?
Was that McCain ?
CNN has become a caricature of the MSM. Not even able to recognize Obama's incompetence and intellectual shallowness, amateurism, laziness. Blaming McCain, just to try to hide the truth. Just to try to influence the voters. But do they really think American voters are so stupid ?
Does it make sense ?
Is the media encouraging voters to elect a man who is pure ignorance and who will throw his country into the hands of foreign aggressors, into the hands of the enemies ?

Finally, the crisis in Georgia was a critical test for the would-be commanders in chief.
The problem is that Obama failed, and it's a big failure...

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