A S.O.S. to Hillary ?

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Contradictory rumors have been circulating over the name of Obama's running-mate since yesterday.
Some sources have confirmed that Hillary was not among possible choices, as it was said a few weeks ago ; but others have asserted the contrary. Hillary might well be Obama's pick, although everybody had thought that was impossible to imagine until very recently.

So what has changed over the last few days ?
What has happened which could explain why, suddenly, Hillary Clinton would appear as the right choice ?

In fact, everything has changed !

Obama keeps slipping in the polls. Whatever the polling institutes, the results are the same, and they are alarming. Obama's lead has completely vanished in one month.
John McCain attacks have seemed to have worked : Obama looking like Paris Hilton : very famous, of course, but totally superficial. This has been a striking comparison : people may have started to tell themselves that there was some truth in it... Finally, Obama and Paris are not so different... Obama, is an empty suit : being repeated, this slogan makes you wonder who the man really is... And you may feel ill-at-ease, after having been enthusiastic about him...

Furthermore, Obama's poor showing at Saddleback Church on Sunday has failed to convince Evangelical voters. Once again, he answered no question precisely : he contented himself with reasserting his Christian faith, but questions remain about his religion (millions of Americans continue to think he is a Muslim). The coverage he got in the press the following day was quite bad : the media was unanimous : John McCain was better than him. This poor performance will do little to increase his credibility.
And , above all, his careless, inconsistent, attitude facing the Georgia / Russia crisis, as we explained yesterday, has caused him irretrievable harm, for everybody could see his lack of qualifications in the field of foreign affairs.

So which solution has he got left if he wants to avoid slipping in the polls even more and collapse in a few days ?
He has only one solution left...
Hillary ! Hillary, once again !

She is the only one who could help him get the million Democratic votes that might go to John McCain this fall...
She is the only one who could reassure voters, as she has experience in both domestic and foreign affairs.
She is the only one who could motivate women to vote for him, as women might be this year swing voters, determining the outcome of this election.

There have been new speculations since yesterday : Obama has not revealed his choice for vice-president, because he is still hoping he can persuade Hillary. That would be a last-minute decision, dictated by the emergency of his situation and successive alarming polls.
Ralph Nader has just said he thought Obama was going to choose Hillary because he can't do otherwise.
In brief, this would look like a S.O.S.
Obama would be sending a S.O.S to his former rival.
That is simply incredible !

And yet, the rumor says Hillary could not refuse is she was offered the job.
Only a while ago, we wrote on this blog that would not be a good idea for her to accept.

But today, seeing the unfolding of events, we have to qualify our judgement.
Maybe it would not be such a bad idea ...
For the date today is only the twentieth of August..
There are still a lot of things to find out about Obama.
There are still a lot of things to reveal about him.


Barry Soetoro's ex-class mates 1970-1972
Jakarta, Indonesia

And some revelations might prove to be so disturbing that...
One never knows...
After all, why wouldn't the second on the list replace the one who is first ?

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