Political thriller in Denver

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It all started months ago, like a normal primary electoral campaign.
Of course there were plots, rivalries, arguments, debates, tensions, but nothing unusual. There were about a dozen candidates, and of course, each of them was trying to have the upper hand...

Then, gradually, as time passed by, the contenders were eliminated, one after the other, as in Agatha Christie's novel Ten Little Niggers.

And then they were three...
And then they were two...
The question was : which one would be left ?

Then came June and the end of the primary votes. None of them had won. Their respective scores were almost the same.
Logically, the race should have continued...
But suddenly, as in Agatha Christie's novel, an unexpected figure appeared : that was the leader of the DNC, Howard Dean. He decided to get rid of one of the two remaining candidates.
The woman was forced to yield, as usual.
She seemed to obey.

Then summer came, and people who had much respect and admiration for this woman decided to fight for her cause.
But their fight was not appreciated by the Selected one and by the almighty ones who had selected him.
So they resorted to blackmail and intimidation.
Death threats were also reported.
A man from Arkansas, Bill Gwatney, who had promised to support the woman at  any cost was murdered. It was said he had been killed by a mad man, but in fact, nobody knew as the man was killed by the police after committing his crime...

The other adversary of the Selected one received threatening letters containing white powder. Two of his campaign headquarters had to be evacuated.
Meanwhile, the woman's supporters were getting ready for a four-day-fight in Colorado.
Meanwhile, everybody was waiting for an announcement of a running-mate who could not be the woman, as it was reported the Selected one had never considered her seriously for the job.

Everything was in a state of confusion.
Agitation, troubles, fear, intimidation, threat, murder : the atmosphere seemed unrealistic, surrealist.
Like in a political thriller...

The problem was that was not the scenario of a suspense detective film or series.
This was real, all too real...

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