Never Count a Clinton out

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"My life in politics was a joy. I loved campaigns and I loved governing. I always tried to keep things moving in the right direction, to give more people a chance to live their dreams, to lift people's spirits, and to bring them together." (Bill Clinton, My Life)

"My husband (..) taking me in his arms as we waltzed together down the long hall.
The I said good-bye to the house where I had spent eight years living history
(Hillary Clinton, Living History)

Even if the Democratic convention ends up in the "coronation" of King Obama, we would like to remind all our readers that the race to the White House is far from over for Hillary Clinton.
After the Convention, there will remain two possibilities for her to enter the Oval Office :
- the least probable one : Obama becomes the official nominee on Thursday, but he is proved to be ineligible before the November election. If such a twist of event was to happen, the DNC would be free to choose a new candidate according to the process they like. They might then decide to nominate the candidate who won the popular vote during the primaries : Hillary Clinton.
- the most probable one : Obama becomes the official nominee on Thursday, and nobody dares prevent him from running against John McCain. His name is the on the ballot in November, but of course, he loses the general election.
Then what happens ?
Hillary automatically becomes the new leader and Obama goes back to Illinois...

Whatever happens, remember the saying "Never count a Clinton out."

Over the last few weeks, a lot of people have been saying that this is certainly the end of the Clinton era. Now let me address them directly, and give them a piece of advice : you'd better think before you speak !

The Clintons have been eliminated from the political scene so many times.
Each time, they have been the "comeback kid" and the "comeback girl".

First, in 1988 : Bill Clinton wanted to run for president, but he was obliged to renounce at the last moment, for fear of an adultery scandal (already !). As the Democrats had known the Gary Hart affair, of course, they could not afford taking another risk. So he finally decided not to run, and a lot of pundits predicted he could never run again because of his private behaviour.

Then, of course, in 1992, when he became the comeback kid : he lost in Iowa and New Hampshire during the primaries, and everybody thought it was over. But he did not withdraw from the race, and finally, he managed to secure the nomination in June. He was elected President of the USA in november 1992.

After that, in 1994 : after two years of a chaotic first term, the Democrats lost the mid-term elections, and Hillary Clinton was blamed for being responsible for their defeat, because of her unsuccessful attempt to reform health care.

The Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives, and everybody said Bill Clinton was bound to lose in 1996.

But he managed to govern with Republicans : they became less and less popular and his popularity soared. And he was finally reelected ! In spite of the multiple scandals and affairs endlessly disclosed by the media, in particular Whitewater, Americans continued to trust him, because their country's economy  seemed to be in a good shape, and after all they did not care for the details concerning his private life.

Next, of course, came the biggest one : the Lewinsky scandal ! Everybody was sure that was going to be the end : for sure, he was going to be impeached. He and Hillary would be obliged to leave the White House ! At last ! The media and the Republicans were looking forward to it. Everyday on television, the "shame" was making the headlines : "how horrible ! How could a president behave so badly ? How could he lack such respect toward his function and toward his people" ?

But once again, Americans saved him. He was still very popular and the members of the Senate realized they simply could not impeach him for such a minor offence.
So he was able to finish his term, and Hillary was able to start her own political career...

What is funny is that her own primary campaign echoed her husband's political career : ups and downs, and each time the "It's over"chorus.
After Iowa, came New Hampshire. The come back girl.
Then she lost a series of several primaries and everybody told her to quit.
But then there was Pennsylvania.

Then she lost again and people said she was only dividing the party...
But then came Ohio and Texas. Do you remember "Shame on You, Barack Obama ! Meet me in Ohio !" And she won.

And finally, she did well during the last primaries.
Even on the last day, she won an astounding victory in South Dakota.
But then she was forced to quit : she had to obey the leaders of her unDemocratic party.
So everybody said it was over...
But millions of people decided it was not over. This time she was not the one who could decide of her fate.
Millions of people from all over the country, a coalition, came to her rescue.
And finally, her name was put in nomination thanks to them, to the fight they led for more than two months.

Maybe it is  not over after all...
But, that is another story...
The next episode is yet to be written...

"Silence is not spoken here." (Hillary Clinton, Living History)

"I still believe in a place called Hope."
(Bill Clinton, Democratic Convention, July 16th 1992)
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