A Fraud of Organized Proportions : Obama and the Caucuses

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Starting this time last year, young mostly Black university students were recruited by the Obama team to take part in what was called “Obama Camps”. During 2 to 4 days of seminars those volunteers were indoctrinated in group manipulation and intimidation as well as all the basic cult recruiting techniques (relating to the prospect by introducing briefly your personal story, then focusing on the prospect story, and responding by underlying why joining the cult will specifically benefit the prospect by improving the painful points of his/her story). The manuals they learned from were numbered and collected from participants by the end of the seminar.  Jocelyn Woodards, the director of the Camp Obama organization is on the records telling “The next tip is to be absolutely ruthless”. 

Those volunteers were then sent back to specific districts to continue their work with specifics goals in numbers.  The Philosophy of the whole exercise was “THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS” and “WINNING AT ALL COSTS” 

The results were apparent to anybody who attended any caucus. For those who do not know it, Caucuses are remnants of long gone election procedures.  In the early days, when population was spare and disseminated over the entire county, and the information was not readily accessible, neighborhood meetings were organized at a set time and date all over the State.  The entire district population would gather at the local church basement or school class (with children and picnic baskets in tow) and would listen to the representative of each candidate.  A session of questions and debates would follow with several intermediate voting counts taken.  After hours, when everybody would be definitively set in their choices, the definite count would be recorded.  Everybody would then go home updated with the latest politics and gossips. Nowadays, caucuses are largely regarded as highly undemocratic, not everybody having hours to dedicate to political debates, nor the inclination to do so or to disclose their political preferences openly and in front of their neighbors to boot.  

Attached to their tradition, some states have refused to transform to regular primaries or like Texas have both. (In Texas, you vote first, and that’s give you the right to participate in the caucus organized later in the day.  Delegates are allocated in consideration of both the primary and caucus results). It is an antiquated and obsolete system.

In a state, delegate totals are set according to the number of registered democrats. 

However, the allocation of delegates to a candidate or another is set according to the election/caucus results, district by district. The accepted numbers are that in primary states a delegate is “worth” 200,000 votes where in caucus states he/she is worth only 20,000 votes, due to the low election participation.


Dr. Lynette Long who was present at her Washington State district caucus witnessed and endured first hand voting manipulation and fraud at the hand of Obama representatives: 

What I saw was at least 3 trained group agitators -- Since my MA is in group dynamics and group facilitation I recognized when someone is using techniques that I have been trained in. If such individuals were planted in ALL precincts, along with bringing in ringers -- then ALL caucus results are bogus. For this sort of intensive origination to take place in a rural area -- this means that a vast amount of money was spent to manipulate the results of the caucus. The Obama supporters kept changing the number of delegates -- subtracting Clinton delegates and increasing Obama delegates, each time they claimed someone had changed and they had to do "complicated" math and that's why Clinton kept losing delegates. There were NO Clinton supporters checking the Obama "math".

Caucus in progress

On her website has collected numerous testimonies from all over the 14 caucus states witnessing to the same kind of fraud, manipulation and intimidation.





Chris McMillan, who told the precinct captain that he was a registered Republican, campaigns for Barack Obama during a Democratic caucus at Olympic Hills Elementary School.(Washington State)

She has dedicated the last months to documenting and analyzing caucuses fraud, and has collected all research results on a special site www.caucusanalysis.org

And indeed, once all those caucus states came to pass (the DNC had accepted a new schedule packing nearly all of them one after the other early in the process), the score was obvious: Hillary won. She won 21 primaries states out of 38, and some by overwhelming majority (more than 10 points), where she had won only one out of the 14 caucus states.

And the irony of the fraud is that most of those caucus states are states which vote Republican in the general elections anyway, therefore irrelevant in term of electoral votes.

So next time you ask yourself why is it that so many Democrats and Independents are not ready to vote for Obama, think: they know something you did not:



                                                                                                                                       Article written by : French Nail
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