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Hillary and Chelsea at the Pepsi Center, just hours before her speech, on Tuesday

Tonight might have been a great night for all the supporters of Hillary Clinton...
The New York Senator is due to be the keynote speaker at the Democratic Convention in Denver, and of course, her speech is waited for anxiously not only by all her fans, but even more by Barack Obama's partisans.
However, we may already predict that both groups are likely to be quite disappointed after listening to her.
Obama's supporters will probably think that she has been a little shy in her support, even if she says the contrary. They will consider she has done the job, not more.
And as far as Hillary's partisans are concerned, they will most probably feel dejected, after hearing that she calls everybody to unite and to support Barack Obama.
Hillary greeting her supporters at a meeting with her N.Y. delegates, in Denver, on Monday.

So it means nobody will be satisfied, some of course having more regrets than others.

This is, alas, the situation of the Democratic Party today : noone is happy.
Everyone wished things had happened differently.

And if we think about the show which is planned tonight : who can seriously believe this is anything else but pretence, acting, all the actors playing their roles ?

 When she is on stage tonight, no doubt all the people who have always believed in her will try to find a sign of encouragement, a sentence, a phrase, maybe a word which tell them they were right in their fight, that their efforts have not been vain.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid this sign, if it ever exists, is bound to be weak, not quite visible. The sort of thing you perceive between the lines, an implicit meaning.

Because Hillary Clinton has learnt her lesson : she must contribute to this message  the Party has been trying to give since the opening of the Convention yesterday : Unity !
Party Unity ?
Don't believe a word of it !
Or, to quote my dear Puma friends : "Party Unity My Ass..."

Who can seriously be naive enough to imagine the reconciliation has been achieved ?
We have recently learnt that Bill Clinton's anger is still vivid. It has even worsened over the last few days. First, because the Obama camp has failed to consult him when they chose Joe Biden for te vice-presidency.
Secondly, because he had planned to concentrate on the economy tomorrow in his speech, and in particular to remind everybody how things fared better during his presidency than under Republican administration. According to him, the Obama camp has totally ignored his achievements as president, and of course it is an insult for the last Democrat to enter the White House. Obama's advisers have asked him to focus only on foreign policy in his Convention address, but of course, who can tell if he will obey them ?

And finally, he is furious because he still thinks Obama will not be a great president, if elected, which in fact he does not believe, because for him, his wife only could have won this election.

Maybe Bill will be more difficult to control than Hillary, because he has nothing to expect anymore from the Democratic Party. So he is free to let his rancor, his resentment appear in his speech tomorrow night

Hillary, on the contrary, although she is certainly as rancourous as her husband, cannot show it too visibly. She will have to pledge herself to work for the election of Obama in November. She will have to state that she believes he can win and be a very good president even if she does not believe a word of it.

My only wish today, waiting for her speech, is that she does not forget her supporters' disappointment and rage, and that she stops asking them to vote for Barack Obama enthusiastically !
She must remember one important thing : they own their votes, and even she cannot convince them to do what is simply impossible for them to do : to vote for the man who has prevented her from becoming the first woman to become Commander-in -Chief in U.S. history...

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