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Her speech was great !
It was beautiful. She showed great eloquence, talent, determination. She really appeared like a woman made of steel.
Hearing her, Democrats, and all Americans must have thought : what a missed opportunity for this country !
What an extraordinay president she would have been !

Here is the link to the speech :

She ended her speech less than an hour ago, and yet, there are already three types of reactions :

- a reaction of satisfaction from the mainstream media, and from Obama's supporters : the lady unambiguously called everybody to unite behind the Selected one. No surprise ! This is exactly what the DNC expected from her, and this is what she did.

- a reaction of admiration but at the same time, frustration, from her supporters.
They were all moved to tears listening to her, as she really took a feminist stance celebrating women' rights and women's suffrage, or when she told the stories of Americans in need or in pain who she met during her campaign.
But they are not ready, not ready at all to do what she has asked them to do tonight. She asked them if they did that [voting during the primaries] for her, or for America :

If that was not only for her, but for America, then they must elect Obama.
But she is wrong : they cannot vote for him just because they perfectly know what this will mean for their country. Has she not understood that they do not trust him, and will never trust him ?

- the last reaction, is according to me, the best one to have.
No sooner had Hillary finished her speech than the Republicans released a new campaign ad on television :
It is a new McCain commercial and it appeared on CNN only minutes after Hillary;
In this ad, she is seen SPEAKING OUT AGAINST Barack Obama : that is a subtle reminder of what she really thinks, in case some might think she was sincere tonight.
And indeed, when we hear what she was saying about him only a few months ago, we realize that what she said here tonight was only what she had been told to say.

And, as one of McCain's advisers has just said : if you reread the speech carefully, you realize "No where did she say that Obama was READY to be president."
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