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As the breaking news is that Hillary has released her delegates (this, alas, is no surprise after yesterday's speech), it seems necessary to make things clear about what the French press has described as an "enthusiastic and unambiguous support" addressed by Hillary to Obama last night.

Once again, the French journalists have shown their ignorance and their bias, the same kind of ignorance and bias that have prevailed in the reports they made throughout the primary campaign.

In fact, they had better read what their American colleagues say about it all more closely, for they seem to have become less "Obamaniacs" over the last few days.
Today, the American media is saying that indeed, Hillary Clinton told everybody to rally Barack Obama, but that voluntarily forgot to explain her audience why Obama is skilled enough to be Commander-in-Chief.  

Even is she pronounced his nama a dozen times and asserted he was "her candidate", she has failed to describe which qualities he possesses to become a good president of the USA.

Hillary's speech, on the contrary, focused mainly on the historical aspect of her own candidacy. She has spoken in length about herself and her primary campaign, which is admittedly norma as she is the one who won the most important number of popular votes ever won by a candidate during a primary election, either Democrat or Republican.
As we were listening to her, we had the impression taht she was telling her supporters : "Don't worry, I'll soon be running again. Meet me in four years."

Therefore , she was right to pay a tribute to herself, in so far as her own Party has never officially congratulated her for her historical run, and will probably never do it.

Meanwhile, we are still trying to find in her speech a hint that Barack Obama is qualified to answer a phone call at three o'clock in the morning in the White House.
When she last mentioned this phone call, she said he was not ready...

So yesterday, we expected her to tell us why the situation has changed now, why he has become ready. We waited in vain. Not once did she say that, so it means for her Obama would not be able to deal with a situation of emergency...

On the contrary, after we listened to her and watched her, no doubt remains :
SHE is ready to answer this emergency call !

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