"A true Democrat" in a not democratic party ?

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Yesterday, Hillary Clinton started her speech with these mysterious words :
"Tonight, I am proud to be a mother." "I am proud to be a true Democrat".

As I have been trying all day to interpret this quite ambiguous sentence which could be interpreted in different, contradictory ways, I have just found the answer, while watching the roll call vote comedy which is currently broadcast live from Denver on CNN.

Now I understand why Hillary has said she was a "true Democrat". IN fact, she was addressing people who call themselves Democrats, but who are exactly the contrary. Today, as the roll call vote proceeds and Hillary is being ridiculed, I know why she has found it necessary to remind voters that there are "true democrats" somewhere in America, but certainly not in Denver.

Tonight, even the states in which she won a large majority of delegates are casting their votes for Barack Obama, thereby not respecting the choice made by the voters during the primary election.

I've got a simple question : what for did people go to the polls if everything had been planned in advance by the leaders of their party.

To conclude, I would give Hillary Clinton and her supporters one single piece of advice : as true Democrats you'd better leave this party which is exactly the opposite of democracy, and found a new, not corrupted political party which would appoint Hillary Clinton as its leader.
This might rejuvenate your country which seems to be currently on the wrong track, and it could provide you with a new hope for the future.

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