The "Temple of Obama"

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Barack Obama pronounced his acceptance speech last night.
The simple fact that he could not content himself with appearing on the stage of the Convention, like other speakers, is revealing of his arrogance, egocentricity, and self-centredness.
Just have a look at this :

Does it remind you of something ?
Of course, a Greek temple !
Who does the think he is ,
Zeus or Apollo ? Or maybe both ?
A cardboard temple for a cardboard god !

It would be rather funny if it was not so worrying...
Everything yesterday looked like a cult. The cult of personality. Gigantic portraits of Obama everywhere

In the past, in other countries, cults of personalities have proved extremely dangerous.
Megalomaniac leaders generally reveal themselves as a disaster for their country.

And here the would-be first couple seems to suffer from a strong megalomania.
All this presidential race is only about themselves. I don't think they give a damn for their country

My last reflection is a question : times are difficult for a majority of Americans. prices are high, there is the subprime crisis, jobs are lost everyday : was it really useful for "God Obama" to waste such an amount of money ?
Obama has spent more money than any other candidate in history during his primary campaign.
Was it a real necessity to continue to spend so much : this show in a stadium must have cost a lot of money. The temple, the fireworks : did he really  need all this to prove that he is qualified for the job ?

Eventually, it only emphasized his many weaknesses. Appearances will never replace competence.

Last night, that was the triumph of emptiness...

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FrenchNail 29/08/2008 16:15

Oops! He did it again. O lifted entire passages of his speech from Clinton's and took his stage from Britney Spears. Yes! Really! The pseudo greek Apolla/Obamo attrocious stage of yesterday farce was designed by Britney's stage designer. I was wainting for the belly dance and the cobra... But of course that was the GROWN-UP Britney. So I guess, we still have to wait few more years for this copy from juvenile O.