Democrats in disarray

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It was obvious yesterday that both the Democratic Party and the MSM (mainstream media) were quite taken aback by John McCain's decision to choose Sarah Palin as his running-mate.

They looked embarrassed and seemed to hesitate for a while : how were they to react to such an unexpected choice ?
It is true that this is a serious blow to the Democrats. And to the media too. One must recognize the genius of the Republican Party : everybody was still celebrating the nomination of the first African American for the presidency, as if the simple fact to be black was enough to be a good candidate. Everywhere in the media, journalists and pundits were repeating over and over again that was a historical moment, alluding to Martin Luther King (luckily, he is dead, for I wonder what would have been his reaction to be compared to such a fraud...), to slavery and civil rights (they seemed to ignore that Barack Obama is no descendant of slaves...), when suddenly, the news came that Sarah Palin was John McCain's pick for vice-president.

The blow was terrible : now the Democratic party could not brag that it was making history. The Republicans made the headlines again.
And indeed, Barack Obama all of a sudden disappeared from the T.V. screens to be replaced by a young, beautiful woman who was probably unknown to the public, and who became a star in less than a few hours.

And new debates followed : would Hillary women voters approve of such a choice, and would they be more willing to vote Republican because there was a woman on the ticket ? The fact that she is pro-life could make them hesitate...

Democrats were so furious that they immediately launched attacks which appeared totally silly and unrelevant. 
They said that this was not a good choice for the country because if John McCain died, a totally inexperienced woman would become president of the USA. But they seem to forget that they have themselves preferred to select a man who has not even completed his first term in the Senate  ! I would say that Sarah Palin's experience is more reassuring than Obama's, because she is a governor, so it means she knows what the executive function means. Obama is a junior senator with no experience of the executive.

Then they accused Mrs Palin of being the wrong choice for women : she is opposed to abortion and she defends the right to bear arms. We could answer that at least, Sarah Palin  has got clear opinions on issues, contrary to Obama, who has constantly changed his mind about every topic during the primary campaign, flip-flopping all the time.

Finally, they launched pitiful personal attacks, saying that Sarah Palin was involved in a personal scandal in Alaska...
But do they need to be reminded that their own candidate is involved in countless affairs, which are certainly more serious than Palin's minor one ?
Rezko ; William Ayers ; Jeremiah Wright ; the problem of his birth certificate, etc... If I were them, I would be very cautious before speaking about scandals, for the Republicans may retaliate soon, and the backlash might be terrible for Obama...

My point of view is that Democrats are simply realizing that with the nomination of Sarah Palin, they have lost this election for good. They are in total disarray : they have made the calculation. 18 million people voted for Hillary during the primaries. More than 30 % have said they will vote for McCain. Another 23 % say they  do not know what they will do. Only 47 % are sure to vote for Obama.
It means more than 10 million votes have already been lost by the Democratic party. How can they expect to win the election now ? It is cruel but it is inevitable...
What's more, the news that a New Democratic Party was being created has confirmed their worst fears : their old Party is dead. It will never recover...


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