The Wrong Choice ?

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The news that Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, 17, is pregnant, has been making the headlines for one day now.
The Mainstream Media (MSM) has been commenting upon the piece of news with great haste, and is totally ignoring what the Republican Convention is really about.
From now on, whatever Republicans may say or do during this Convention, whoever may speak, the press will only remember one essential fact : the pregnancy of Miss Palin...

The coverage of this electoral campaign has been biased from the start.
As we often wrote on this blog, the MSM has constantly presented Barack Obama in a very favorable way, whereas his opponents were portrayed negatively : first Hillary Clinton was the victim of a series of  sexist comments, and later on, John McCain was in a first time less covered than the Selected One, and in a second time introduced in an unfavourable way.

We can take the example of the respective choice made by the two candidates of their vice- president;
Barack Obama's pick was described as wise and promising, as Joe Biden is an experienced politician, who knows a lot about foreign affairs. Not much about his flaws, not much for instance about the fact that he performed very badly during all the presidential primaries he took part in, this year and in the past.

On the contrary, the very day John McCain announced that Sarah Palin would be his vice-president, the media, far from praising him for nominating a woman (and for being the first Republicn candidate in American history to select a woman for the vice-presidency, which in the Republican party represents quite a revolution), depicted her as anti-abortion, pro-guns and hostile to the environment. They also emphasized her inexperience and the fact she had been a beauty queen, as if they wanted to discredit her in the eyes of voters.

And now, a few days after, they make this revelation : her teenage daughter is pregnant ! What a shame for such a very religious, conservative woman attached to family values !

And what a mistake made by John McCain, who, the media says, has been totally wrong in his choice and has committed a serious error of judgment which, at best, questions his ability to become president, and at worst, will cost him the election...
Etc.. Etc...

And meanwhile, Democrats, all too happy to see this twist of events, are laughing at John McCain and the Republican Party, insisting on the fact that Mrs Palin is now a liability for them, and suggesting perhaps that she should be dismissed before having been officially nominated at the Convention...

But, Democrats, beware !
Because maybe those who selected the wrong candidate are not the ones you think...
Have you forgotten Tony Rezko ?
Have you forgotten Jeremiah Wright ?
Have you forgotten William Ayers ?
Have you forgotten the fake birth certificate ?

Have you forgotten Michelle Obama saying she is not so proud of her country ?

Don't forget that today is the first day of the official campaign...
And Republicans are ready to retaliate...
You have already launched a war, which is really groundless, for this poor teenager must already be in a very difficult situation, and she would have preferred her situation to remain private.
So you have decided to attack the candidates' private lives, haven't you ?

are you really sure it is a good idea ?
Is your own candidate so perfect a man that he is not likely to be the target of attacks in his turn ?
Don't you think you should have been more careful before dragging people in the mud ?
Now the Republicans will be obliged to do the same...
And I am afraid they might find a lot of amazing, embarrassing revelations to make about your Hero, and certainly worse than a teenage pregnancy !


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