The Battle of Women

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Yesterday, the first lady, Laura Bush, addressed the Republican Convention. Laura Bush has been quite a discreet first lady, contrasting with her predecessor, Hillary Clinton. However, she is rather popular, certainly more than her husband.

A little later, Laura Bush was joined on stage by the woman who will certainly succeed her : Cindy McCain. The future ex-first lady and the next one appeared together to speak about the necessity to organize relief operations for all the victims of hurricane Gustav. They situated themselves in a typical tradition of first ladies, who considered they had a humanitarian mission to fulfil.
This was also what Hillary Clinton tried to do when she was first lady from 1992 to 2000, even if she played a political role in the Clinton administration at the same time. She travelled to dozens of countries to help women and children all over the world. .

Indeed, Hillary Clinton committed herself to defending the rights of women and children all over the world. The climax of this commitment will of course remain the speech she made in Beijing in 1995 on the violation of women's rights. She pronounced a sentence which has remained famous :
"Women's rights are human rights."

From that moment on, she became a real heroine for millions of women across the planet.

Laura Bush and Cindy McCain also met Sarah Palin yesterday. And when we see these three women together, we can't help thinking that they really look nice and friendly, contrasting with the woman who might become first lady if Democrats were to win the presidential election : Michelle Obama, whose face often reflects rage, anger, even hatred.

So no doubt this year, Republicans have already won the "battle of women".
Women voters : the choice is easy to make !
Would you like such an angry woman to represent you ?

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