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Several American newspapers report today that Barack Obama intends to lean on Democratic women in coming days in order to react immediately to Sarah Palin’s unexpected success at the Republican Convention.

Apparently, he plans
to use them as “female surrogates”  : he will dispatch them to the states where the race is due to be tight, and of course, the first one on the list is Hillary Clinton, who will be sent to
Florida to hold a campaign event next week.

Obama’s strategy is to prevent female voters from choosing the Republican ticket, because the woman selected as vice-president, Sarah Palin, has demonstrated remarkable fighting spirit during her speech at the Convention, and may have seduced a lot of women who like to see one of them in a leadership position.

As usual, the MSM (mainstream media) presents Obama’s plan as a very astute tactics, predicting it will work, and already asserting that Obama has managed to convince Hillary’s women supporters in the aftermath of the Convention. Some polls are appearing in the American press currently, showing that a majority of Hillary”s supporters are now ready to vote for him, because she told them to do so during her speech at the Convention.

Be sure that this is pure propaganda....

This is not true ! Not true at all !

It is exactly the opposite which is happening at the moment.

Not only are  Hillary’s supporters not ready to back Obama, but their resentment has never been so strong.

They have been totally disgusted by what happened during the Convention : the roll call vote was a farce. Their voices were not counted, as Hillary obtained a ridiculous number of votes which did not reflect the results of the primaries. So her voters have got the impression that this election has been stolen.

And they are determined to punish the Democratic party for organizing such a fraud, even if it means voting Republican for the first time in their life.

What’s more, since last week, when they learnt that John McCain had done what the Democratic Party has not been able to do, i.e. choose a woman on his ticket, they have no more hesitation : they WILL vote for him, and for Sarah Palin, whatever they may hear about her opposition to abortion, and the fact that if McCain was elected, Roe v. Wade would be overturned.

Female voters are not stupid : they know that George Bush and his pro-life administration have continuously tried to restrict abortion rights, but they have not managed to endanger Roe : so why would John McCain do what Bush has failed to do ? This is a ridiculous idea, and it is only part of the Democratic propaganda machine which aims at scaring voters to make them choose the Selected One !

So we can predict that Obama’s plan will not work, on the contrary. When Hillary supporters are going to see that he uses her whereas he has scorned her, stealing this election from her, and not even respecting the score she obtained during the primaries, and not putting her on his ticket, they will get even more furious, and they will be all the more determined to make him lose.

It is also reported that Obama intends to dispatch other Democratic women, like senators or governors (Kathleen Sebelius or Janet Napolitano) : it will not work either, because Hillary voters have been really shocked to see the lack of solidarity that these women showed toward Hillary during the primary process. Therefore they will never listen to what these women say, as they have no more credibility.
Mrs Sarah Palin's dynamism, youth, and enthusiasm have more chances to appeal to them ; and when she introduced herself as a "hockey mom" it is evident that a lot of undecided women  identified with her and will now willingly support her. No matter what the MSM may tell about her... The MSM will not decide for them.

I’m afraid this plan once more reveals Obama’s arrogance : he has not understood how much Hillary’s fans hate him !
Now they are looking forward to seeing him go back to
in November... Then they will happily tell him : "Farewell, Mr. Obama" !

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