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Although the Republican Convention started rather badly, as it was delayed because of hurricane Gustav, it finally proved to be a tremendous success for John McCain and Sarah Palin. As a consequence, the Democrats are really feeling bitter today, realizing they have been totally wrong from the start.

All the polls which have just been published show the same evolution : Barack Obama, who had managed to secure a slight edge in the aftermath of the Denver masquerade, has lost this lead in only a few days. The most striking poll is undoubtedly the CBS poll released this morning, which indicates that the two men are now tied at 42 %, whereas Obama had an eight-point lead a little while ago. The fall is spectacular and quite worrying for the Selected One !
Another very recent poll reveals that Sarah Palin is now the most popular of the four candidates for president and vice-president. Her favorable rating is  58 %, while John McCain and Obama's are 57 %, Joe Biden trailing far behind...

It is now becoming clearer and clearer that, as we have already explained here in previous posts, the choice of Joe Biden has been a monumental mistake. Not only has he not helped Obama at all, but he has even proved to be a liability to his campaign, at the very moment when Obama is already facing hard times. The last thing he needed was an additional burden to carry !
In any case, when we compare Joe Biden's flop at the Democratic Convention in Denver, and the media hype that has surrounded Sarah Palin's speech in Saint-Paul, or the popular enthusiasm she has provoked, we realize how vexed and worried the Democratic Party must be.

This is not encouraging at all for the Democrats, who must be kicking themselves for not understanding that women would play a key role in this election. Americans, indeed, are ready to support wholeheartedly a feminine candidacy : their reaction to the choice of Sarah Palin for the vice-presidency is the proof that they are now willing to vote for a woman president, to see her in the Oval Office, and "to shatter the glass ceiling that Hillary Clinton cracked", as the Alaskan governor said.  

Democrats have not been able to understand this evolution of mentalities, and they are now realizing it at their expense. Today, the Party seems to be in a state of panic, which could almost provoke our compassion, as they do not seem to know how to prevent their own downfall...

We can perceive their panic for example through the childish reactions they have had after Sarah Palin's triumph at the Convention :
first, Obama was so taken aback that he could not defend himself alone and called some Democratic women to his rescue  to occupy the center of the stage, so as to counter the talented Sarah Palin. Cheeky Obama even did not hesitate to ask Hillary to help him, after treating her like dirt in Denver.

Secondly, the Democrats accused Sarah Palin of "not writing her speech herself" !
Isn't that silly ?

"She did not write her speech herself" !
Really ? Is that all you have to say ?

Welcome to the political world, dear Democrats !
Don't you know that all politicians, male or female, have their speech-writers?
Is that really the only thing you have to say ?
Well, it shows the state of depression in which you are at the moment...

You must really feel panic-stricken : you really do not know what to do !
You are finally realizing that you have bet on the wrong horse.
And you don't know what to say or what to do to make up for this wrong decision.

Now you are facing this sad reality : yes, unfortunately for you, it is too late..
Sorry, but, we cannot help laughing : you are so ridiculous !
No doubt : in two months, the outcome will be the same as it was four years ago :

You really have a knack for selecting losers !
It's not so funny, after all...
It is even so sad that it almost makes us want to cry...

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