Hillary's Nemesis

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During the 1992 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton made this strange prediction :  «We’ll have a woman president by 2010.» To those who asked her if she was personally thinking she would be candidate, she answered : «We’ll talk later.»
At that time, she probably thought she knew the identity of this woman president : herself !
 But, at the same time, she was also certainly aware of the multiple obstacles she would have to face.

Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton was wrong : there will not be a woman president by 2010. But there will probably be a woman vice-president in 2008.
However, it won't be Hillary. It will be Sarah Palin.

We may imagine how Hillary must feel today.
It must be very hard for her to see another woman become the star of this election.
She may feel a little jealous, and this is normal : she will not be the woman who will make history in November. She may think it is rather unfair, after all she has done for many years, dedicating her life to politics, and preparing herself for the job since 2000.

But, at the same time, she must also feel satisfied to see that another woman can do what she could not do herself : oppose Obama and defeat him.
Sarah Palin will take a revenge for her : Obama is THE enemy. Sarah and Hillary are now sisters. Their mission is identical, even if Hillary cannot reveal her true feelings. Both share the same goal : to get rid of this man who has stolen the primary election, who has deceived the nation, who has organized a vast fraud during the caucuses. In the Greek Mythology, Nemesis is the goddess of retributive justice or vengeance : Sarah will therefore act as the one who will inflict Obama the retribution he deserves. She will be Hillary's Nemesis...

Nemesis, Greek goddess of righteous anger, retribution and vengeance, as engraved by Albrecht Durer 1501-02

For sure, a feeling of solidarity is bound to exist between the two women, and this feeling will be shared by millions of women throughout the country.
Hillary has been the victim of the same kind of sexist attacks that have targeted Sarah Palin over the last few days.
It is all the more unbearable as Sarah Palin is a real woman of courage : she is an admirable mother, whatever one may think of her decision to keep her baby for religious motives, even if she knew he was diagnosed with Down syndrome.

But Obama is unable to be respectful to her. He probably does not know what the word respect means. The Obama campaign has developed the same kind of strategy against her : they have no imagination. They are now repeating what they have done to Hillary, thinking it will work against Palin.
But they are wrong : Sarah Palin is no Hillary.
She said that herself : she is a pitbull. But a pitbull "with lipstick" !
Her nickname is Saraccuda. She is not afraid of fighting. And above all, contrary to Hillary, she will be supported by her party. The Republicans will never let Obama and his team destroy her as they have destroyed Hillary's candidacy.

Moreover, let's count on American women to support her too.
Women voters will have a reaction of solidarity, sisterhood.

Now they are fed up. Fed up to see everything happen again.
Fed up to see the media doing this again to a woman. The same kind of sexism...
As they did in New Hampshire after the incident of the "iron my shirt" sign , women will go to the polls and vote for the one they can identify with.

And it must not be forgotten that women represent more than half of American voters.

So Mr Obama, you may regret then your decision not to ask Hillary to be on your ticket...
No doubt women will punish you for being such a male chauvinist.

Remember what happened to you in New Hampshire ?

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