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The tide is turning in Senator McCain's favor.Even Obama's staunchest  supporters cannot deny it.
The magic has gone.
Unfortunately, it is maybe a little too late for Hillary (who knows ?), but fortunately not too late for America. Finally, it seems that the country will not fall in his hands : everybody can sigh with relief after all. All is well that ends well !

For it really seems to be over for Barack Obama.
With the summer and the period of vacation coming to an end, it is just as if Americans were waking up after a long period of torpor, confusion and illusion.
When September comes, it is high time to go back to work and to stop having fun and dreaming. The contact with reality is sometimes hard, but it is necessary to survive.

And this is exactly what is happening to Americans.
They have understood that between the unknown, the vague, the uncertain, the inexperienced candidate, and the reliable, familiar, trustworthy, experienced figure there is no hesitation to have. A presidential election is serious matter : there is no place for improvisation and on-the-spot training.

Yes, the tide is turning. And we might even say it has already turned in the Republicans' favor.
Over the last few days, three very important  events have confirmed this trend :
- first, John McCain's speech drew record TV ratings.
The Republican candidate beat Obama in the crucial battle to attract American TV viewers : he attracted 38.9 million viewers, which represents a record for a convention speech. The previous record belonged to Obama : it was 38.4 million viewers for his own acceptance speech in Denver. Let us remind our readers that John McCain did not need a Greek temple ; he did not make his speech outside ; he did not act as a superstar, and yet, he managed to beat Obama. This is obviously an ominous sign for Democrats, and that could be the prelude to what will happen in November.
Moreover, the Republican convention in St. Paul also attracted more average viewers overall than the Democratic Party convention in Denver the week before.

- Secondly, Sarah Palin's popularity now exceeds that of Obama : 58 % whereas obama's is only 57 %, which is quite remarkable when one considers that Sarah Palin was totally unknown only ten days ago, while Obama has been campaigning for more than one year now !
- Thirdly, John McCain has now taken the lead in the national polls carried out after the Conventions : today, the daily Gallup poll is 48 / 45 in favor of McCain, and other polls made by other polling institutes indicate the same evolution these last hours : the two men were tied a few days ago. Now McCain is making gains after the success of his convention and the choice of Sarah Palin as his running-mate.

So what happened to the great man, that all the MSM (mainstream media) had already declared the winner only a few months ago ?
What happened to the Messiah ? the Saviour of the country ?

Well, I'm afraid nothing really new took place, in fact.
He is the same man, the same fraud as he has always been, from the start.
This is only the perception of the public which is changing, the way people see him. They have come to realize that he was in reality only an ordinary politician, interested in one thing only : his personal career, the promotion of himself...

Yes, really, I think we can happily announce that a dangerous disease is on the verge of disappearing !
This disease is -or rather, was- called :
Obamania !

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