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This time Barack Obama has really gone too far !

Even if we may understand that he has become more and more nervous over the last few days after a series of bad polls, the success of the Republican Convention, and his verbal slip about his Muslim faith, we can find no excuse to his behaviour yesterday towards Sarah Palin.



Calling a woman a “pig with lipstick” is not only inappropriate and inelegant, it is intolerably sexist, misogynistic. It is an insult to all women all over the world.

Everybody knew that Obama has already behaved in a sexist manner during the primary campaign, for example, when he said scornfully to Hillary during a televised debate that she was “likeable enough” or when he called a female reporter “sweetie” without answering her question.



But here he has added outrage to scorn, and women will always remember that.

No doubt he has lost the women vote : how could women forgive him. Even his most faithful fans will never accept to see a woman being treated like that. I am  looking forward to seeing the reactions of the feminist organizations which have supported him so far...



For Obama, this is happening at a crucial moment in the campaign : today, a new ABC / Washington Post poll was released which is very bad news for Democrats, as far as women are concerned. There has been a dramatic shift over the last few days : McCain has made big gains thanks to white women who are now a majority to support him. Much of the shift toward McCain stems from gains among white women, voters his team hoped to sway with the pick of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate. White women shifted from an eight-point pre-convention edge for Obama to a 12-point McCain advantage now.



Once again, this confirms what we have been writing here for weeks now : women reject Obama, in particular the ones who voted for Hillary. They will never vote for him.


And now he will inevitably continue to fall in polls, and to lose the support of the women who were still admiring him. When these women see these images, and hear the sound of his voice, they will be so disgusted that it will be impossible for them to choose him in November.


As a woman, I am all the more shocked as the sound of his voice is strange, not only full of despise, contempt and hate, but I can perceive something else, difficult to define.

Indeed, when we watch the video carefully and listen to his words, we have the impression that Obama is not as usual. His voice is less clear, he sounds a little like a drunk man, or someone who is under the influence of some medicine or drug.


Really, the whole thing is becoming a little strange : first the Freudian verbal slip ; and a few hours later, this insulting remark.


What is happening to the Messiah, the One we were expecting, the man who was supposed to embody Change ?

Not only is he no Change, but he is looking more and more like an ordinary politician : his words were borrowed from Dick Cheney who was the first to use the “pig” remark during the 2004 presidential campaign.

According to me, Obama should have tried to find a better source of inspiration !


Can you imagine Hillary behaving like that ?


Obama has called Sarah Palin a pig, but...

Who is the pig in reality ?

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