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The Clinton couple must be laughing a lot these days, when they are looking at the polls...

This afternoon, we learnt that Bill Clinton is due to join Obama in the next few days...Clinton spokesman Matt McKenna said the former president would campaign for Obama at a yet-to-be announced site in Florida on Sept. 29 with more events to follow.

Haven't we heard this before ?

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama met at the Clinton Global Initiative offices in Harlem this afternoon.
On this occasion, Bill Clinton announced that he would help Obama in his campaign in coming days. But he showed no enhusiasm : all reporters present noted that his answers were short and rather cold. The former president noted an already-announced trip Sept. 29 to Florida. Obama said, "We're putting him to work."

"Putting him to work" ?
How arrogant !
 Mister Obama, who do you think you are ?
You put a former president to work, don't you ?
But do you really know what "work" means ?

Asked if he would be doing more, Clinton said, "I've agreed to do a substantial number of things, whatever I'm asked to do."

In fact, Bill Clinton expressed himself with a sort of reluctance, and if we examine his words "whatever I'm asked to do", we realize he considers it as an obligation because he is the former Democratic president, and he cannot do otherwise !
But never did he say he would do that with pleasure !

Moreover, he pronounced a puzzling sentence, all the more difficult to understand as Obama is falling in the polls. Bill Clinton said, as he was asked about the possible outcome of this election in November :
"I predict that Sen. Obama will win and win pretty handily,"

And Obama added: "You can take it from the president of the United States. He knows a little something about politics."

Yes, you are right, Mr Obama : he knows what he is speaking about, but do you really think he was sincere when he said such a thing ? Are you really so naive or do you try to convince yourself it was not a joke ?
Bill Clinton's statement is all the more funny as several newspapers and internet sites reveal today that the Democratic Party is more and more worried by Obama's campaign and his fall in the polls. They are starting to realize that what happened in 2004 is going to happen again, and some Democratic operatives are simply furious. Anger is rising within the party : they criticize Obama for not being able to convince voters.
That can explain why Bill Clinton was called to his rescue today. Of course, he did the job, but we may imagine how he must be laughing secretly to see how things are turning out.
What a revenge for the Clinton couple after the humiliation they were submitted to in Denver !

Contrary to you, Bill Clinton is indeed an expert at politics. And it is because he is such an expert that he perfectly knows you are going to lose, and to lose in a landslide...
But of course, once again, he could not tell the truth...
Don't be impatient : I am sure that after the election, you will probably learn the Clintons' real opinion about you...

And you may feel disappointed...

In reality, today must have been a terrible day for Obama : not only did he commemorate the September 11th attacks, but he also went to Harlem to meet Bill Clinton. This must have been a great shock for him to see what a Black district really looks like : it used to be a very poor ghetto where Afro-Americans lived with a lot of difficulties. It is often said that Mr Obama would be the first African-American elected to the presidency : but what does he know about African-Americans ? 

Anyway, what is really irritating is Obama's inability to do without the Clintons.
Yesterday, several newspapers reported that Hillary Clinton could be called to his rescue following the bad poll revealing that white women now prefer McCain / Palin (this poll shows a 12 point lead for the Republican ticket among white women).
Today, it is Bill Clinton...

But... if I remember well, it is Obama himself, who declared, during the primaries, that the Clintons represented the past whereas he was a promising future. Several times he insisted on the fact they were "has-been" whereas he was the "Change we are looking for..."
I wonder why he has suddenly changed his mind...
Has he come to realize that he desperately needs them ?

Wouldn't it be wiser to recognize that he has come to understand that they are the only ones today to be able to win the White House for Democrats again ?
But is it not a little too late ?

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