Hillary "plays it cool"

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On Sunday night, in Ohio, Hillary is greeted enthusiastically by her supporters

Yesterday, we reported here that the Democratic Party and Barack Obama should not expect Hillary Clinton to rip into Sarah Palin in coming days, although this is what they would like her to do.

On Sunday night, Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail in Ohio proved that we were right.

The press uses one single phrase  today to describe Hillary's attitude there :

"she played it cool".
Yes, indeed ! "to play it cool" sounds like a euphemism !
No, she did not attack Sarah Palin. In fact, she barely mentioned her name !

“Barack and I may have started out on two separate paths, but we are on one journey now,” Clinton said.  “This journey will lead right to the White House.”

Calling the election a “game-changer” Clinton focused on the economy, saying that voters have the opportunity to “go beyond the failed policies of the last eight years.”

“Senator McCain says our economy is fundamentally sound,” she said.  “I wish he’d come here and talk to you.  All that McCain and Palin offer is four more years of the same failed policies.”

For days now, she has been repeating the same words ; she herself recognized that she only amended her words, saying nothing new :

To slightly amend my comments from Denver:  no way, no how, no McCain, no Palin,” she said referencing her speech at the Democratic National Convention.

My God ! McCain and Sarah Palin must have been terrorized after such a terrible, threatening sentence !
What a dreadful opponent they must think she is !

What's more, a few hours earlier, she had cancelled a fund raiser for Obama due to take place in the Chicago suburb of Wilmette, on the grounds of a "bad weather".... Strange, isn't it ?

Did the bad weather prevent her from campaigning in her own name last winter, during the primary season?

Well, it seems that in spite of everything she may have said at the Convention, Hillary is not so enthusiastic about Obama after all !

No doubt : Barack Obama must be delighted to have such a devoted ally to help him !

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