Disconnected ? Who is "disconnected" ?

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The financial world is falling apart. The government is coming in to save and run financial giants...
And Barack Obama is in
Beverly Hills !

Wall Street may be confronted to the same kind of crisis as the one which happened in 1929...
And Barack Obama is in Beverly Hills...

The American economy is in a mess...
And Barack Obama is in Beverly Hills...

Working class people, who have so far refused to believe in his words of change, are more worried than ever, and Obama is sending them the following message :
"Don't worry for your future ! I understand your fear : look at me, I am so close to you : I spend my time with Hollywood millionnaires and star singers."

On Tuesday, Barbra Streisand hosted a fund-raising event for the Democratic candidate with a lot of celebrities attending ...



But please, don't call Barack Obama an elitist...

Strangely, Barack Obama's campaign barred television crews from the Beverly Hills mansion  on Tuesday night, as the Democratic presidential nominee mingled with movie stars on a giant terrace overlooking Los Angeles. Was he ashamed to have such wealthy friends ?

This cocktail reception was part of Obama's biggest night of Hollywood fundraising so far : Tickets to Tuesday's reception and dinner at the mansion went for $28,500 apiece; about 300 people attended.

Tickets costing $28,5000 !
And the economy is in a mess...
And people are having more and more daily difficulties paying back their debts and coping with the increase in the cost of life...

And Barack Obama is in Beverly Hills...

And Barack Obama has just accused John McCain of "being out of touch", "being disconnected" on the economy, as we see in this clip !

He must be kidding !

So, let's see...
What was McCain doing meanwhile ?
Well, he was campaigning in a swing state, Ohio, with Sarah Palin, speaking to mainstream Americans, who are trying to get answers and solutions to their everyday, down-to-earth problems :

"Let me tell you, my friends, there's no place I'd rather be than right here with the working men and women of Ohio".
And he mocked Obama's professed solidarity with working people
"just before he flew off to Hollywood for a fundraiser with Barbra Streisand and his celebrity friends."

McCain, too, raised money in Beverly Hills last month, but with a smaller cluster of stars, including actors Robert Duvall and Jon Voight.

Even before the likes of actors Jodie Foster, Will Ferrell and Leonardo DiCaprio paid tribute to Obama at the landmark Greystone Mansion -- setting for numerous films, including "Ghostbusters" and "Air Force One" -- the entertainment industry had given Obama more than $5.6 million, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.

McCain's take from the industry has reached $885,000, the center said.

The difference perfectly symbolizes Obama's close connections with celebrities and multimillionnaires, explaining why one of the criticisms often addressed to him by his opponents is that he is an elitist, who fails to connect with simple people, preferring the intellectual or artistic world. Indeed, during the primaries, it was clear that he wom the votes of a majority of people with college degrees, but did not manage to reach out those having only a high school education.

In today's time of severe financial crisis that could seriously affect the American economy, it is certainly not by showing himself among Beverly Hills celebrities that Obama is going to improve his image among the Americans who are currently facing economic difficulties, or who are simply worried by the consequences that this crisis might have on their personal situation in coming months.


People present at this cocktail reception have reported that Sen. Obama himself projected great confidence that he would win this race.
Does he live in a bubble ?

Do we have to remind him that he didn’t win the Democratic nomination in a landslide ?He won it by a nose (if we admit he won it, although  he lost the popular votes). He won it by losing almost all of the states a Democrat has to win to be elected president, and winning in all of the states – many of them caucuses – which are already colored red on everyone’s map.

2004 presidential election

Democratic primary final results :
Clinton : pink ; Obama : purple

So the question is : who is the most disconnected ?

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