"We, the people"

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Most Americans are against Bush's bail-out plan, and John McCain is being criticized. Barack Obama is not.

The ones who support Bush's plan are the Democrats, and the Republicans are being criticized...
The Republicans in the House of Representatives are accused of blocking the agreement on the plan, and Democrats are praised for playing bipartisan politics...

But are we being fooled ?
How could Republicans approve of a plan which will cost 700-billion-dollar for a federal rescue of the battered financial industry ?

Can we blame the Republican House members who are running for reelection in November not to agree with a project which aims at making American taxpayers pay for the mistakes of the financial market ?

Of course, Democrats approve of the plan : they do not risk anything politically. They will say to their voters : we are not responsible. This was a plan sponsored by a Republican administration. Republicans only are to blame, so vote for us...

Democrats are cheating, once again, as they have done in their primary election.
They pretend to be concerned with the economic health of the country whereas they are only trying to make political gains...

And they want Barack Obama to appear as the Saviour, because he is in favour of Bush's plan.

But fortunately, American voters are not so stupid...
They have understood that it is their money which will be used to rescue the financial industy.


In an Associated Press-Knowledge Networks poll conducted last night, just 30 percent of respondents said they were behind the plan, despite the president's warning of economic catastrophe if Congress doesn't quickly enact his proposal. Forty-five percent said they were opposed to his plan, while the remaining 25 percent said they don't know.

While 57 percent of respondents said they believe the bailout is needed to head off a deep recession, only a little more than a third thought the plan would work.

And the skepticism appears to transcend party lines. Forty percent of the Republicans who were surveyed oppose Bush's plan, while 46 percent of Democrats are against it.

So why are Republicans and McCain so criticized for trying to propose another plan ?
Why is John McCain blamed for his behaviour whereas he has just tried to find a solution which would be better for the American people's interests ?

Why is the media trying to sell this election before it has taken place ?
No doubt tomorrow, after the debate, all journalists and pundits will say : "Obama won the debate ! Obama won as Kennedy did against Richard Nixon in 1960..."

"Obama won because he looked younger, like Kennedy in 1960..."

But does the media think people are so stupid to choose one candidate because of his televised image ?

Do American voters have the right to express themselves according to what they think will be better for their country and for themselves ?
If they think this plan is wrong, then nobody should tell them what to do...
The press may be the Fourth Power, but above the other three powers there is the supreme power which is :
"We, the people" !
Isn't this the American democracy ?

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