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Tonight will see the only Vice-Presidential debate planned between the Republican Sarah Palin and Democrat Joe Biden.




True to style, and like the other debates in which Obama ever participated, this one already appeared to have had the odds staked against his opponent.


Consistently Obama team has only agreed to terms of debate weighting largely in favor of its candidate. Locations and dates have been crafted for subliminal messages to its base.


There was nothing left to chance last week for the first Presidential debate. Let’s remember why the location, the University of Mississippi in Oxford and the date of late September are famous landmark of American history.




On September 30, 1962, smack in the middle of the desegregation turmoil, the University of Mississippi was the site of very famous riots led by thousand of white students and citizens from surrounding area trying to prevent the enrollment of James Meredith, the ever first black student to go there. Some were armed.



Meredith, thanks to the protection afforded by federal marshals, was able to enroll and attend his first class on october 2nd. Two people died during the race riots on campus. Following the riot, elements of an Army National Guard division were stationed in Oxford to subdue future riots. While most Ole Miss students did not riot prior to his official enrollment in the university, many harassed Meredith during his first two semesters on campus.


Today a new poll show a 11 points increase among likely voters in favor of Obama in Missouri, its biggest increase to date in any swing state. In that southern state still somewhat affected by racial tensions, the subliminal message of an African-American man fighting for equal rights against the white establishment indeed worked.  How deeply and for how long remains the question.


Tonight, the site of the Vice Presidential debate will take place in Washington University in St Louis in Missourri. (Missouri? You mean the swing state where Obama is gaining?) This locale is sort of a tradition. Washington University is well known for hosting United States Presidential and Vice Presidential debates. It has been selected to host a Presidential or Vice Presidential debate in every United States Presidential election since 1992.



But the devil is in the details, as they say. 



The moderator will be Gwen Ifill a Black woman.  Gween Ifill is the moderator and managing editor of the “Washington Week” a well-respected public affairs TV program, and a senior correspondent for “The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer”, another famous and respected liberal TV news and political program. She is a veteran moderator of national election debates.





But Ifill is also a strong and fervent supporter of Obama. Moreover, it has just been released she is currently authoring a forthcoming book called “The Breakthrough: Politics in the Age of Obama”. Releasing date for the book is scheduled for Inauguration Day in 2009.


This obvious conflict of interest showing Ifill having a true financial interest vested in an Obama victory had not until yesterday been revealed to the McCain team.



Yet, as of now, Ifill stands (or rather sits; she broke her ankle yesterday) to moderate the only Palin/Biden debate.

Fair Journalism any one?



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