Hillary : "Hold people accountable"

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 The House of Representatives has finally adopted the Paulson plan, after rejecting it last week.

It seems that a lot of Representatives have been harassed, not to say intimidated by their respective party leaders. On the Democratic side, it is reported that Obama played a great role in these harassment and intimidation.

So who can celebrate this decision tonight ?
Who can congratulate members of Congress for taking a decision which makes the taxpayer pay for the  mistakes of investment bankers ?
This plan is a shame !

And in the future, Senators and House members will have to prove they were right to take such a decision.

This is what Hillary promised today.  

You can call it a coincidence, but Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton, were due to be in San Antonio for fundraisers yesterday.

Sarah Palin was scheduled to appear at a fundraiser at the Marriott Rivercenter on Friday at 4:30 p.m., less than 24 hours after her debate with Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Hillary Clinton predicted an across-the-board Democratic upset in the November election as voters digest the nation's financial troubles and said she intended to “get to the bottom of what happened and hold people accountable.”

Hillary Clinton said Democratic nominee Barack Obama would win the election but would need Democratic senators beside him to be effective.

“We don't have a lot of time in our country to turn our economy around and start taking care of our people,” she said. “If we elect a president but we don't have a filibuster-proof Senate, we're not going to get the job done.”

On Thursday, Hillary said she was all-out for Obama. She glossed past questions on media coverage of GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin and said she was “not at all” disappointed Obama picked someone else to be his running mate.

According to me, Hillary has been right to say that she would try to find what exactly happened, and to hold people accountable, because she personally voted "yes" to the plan, and she will have to give the proof that she was right. So it is normal to try to find those who are responsible for this disaster, and to ask them to assume their responsibility.
At least we can praise Hillary for telling the truth, and for being ready to try to find the culprit, and to assume her own responsibility, if the decision to support the plan finally proves to be a mess.

Because for the moment, American voters are simply appalled to learn that it is their money which is being stolen.
And here in Europe, the feeling is the same : the French president is going to meet European leaders tomorrow. And he is going to propose to give public money to save the financial system... The money that people saved on their "Livret A" (a sort of savings account in France) is going to be used to help banks !

And in France, like in the USA, nobody will have the right to oppose this decision.

President Sarkozy has easily found money -our money- to come to his rich friends' rescue.
Barack Obama has been in a hurry to try to persuade the members of his party to vote for a plan which is very unpopular because he has understood the crisis has helped him in the polls, as Bush and the Republicans are being blamed for it.

Is that really the type of selfish decisions we need ?

And are men like Obama and Sarkozy really the sort of leaders we need ?

This is not the conception of power that Hillary has : she would have been the president of the people. From the beginning of the crisis, she is the only one who has insisted on people's problems, people's interests, and people's right to know more about how their money will be used.

Hillary is the kind of new leader we would have needed.

She knows the meaning of the word "democracy"...
Listen to her : she explains why she voted for the plan. Just because everyday in New York, she sees people struggling to survive the crisis. And she thinks voting the plan was the best solution to help them. Of course, she is wrong, but she did it for good reasons. Let's hope the people she speaks about in this clip will not be disappointed !




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