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Before you read what the French press says about yesterday's debate this morning, we advise you to read our previous post : "Story-telling", so as to understand why we have decided not to make any comment in this article.

Here is a review of the headlines you may find in the French press today (we have translated the "Google News France" page dated from Wednesday the eighth of October) :

In a few hours, we will do the same with the American press...

Debate between McCain and « That one » : Obama has no difficulty in going ahead

Le Monde

There was no surprise, no revelation during the second presidential debate… no change in voting intentions ?

John MCCain had to do something strong, he failed to do so, so Barack Obama is the clear winner of this confrontation...

Barack Obama makes McCain sink a little deeper

Le Point


After the debate, a poll shows that 54 % of Americans think Obama is a « strong leader » whereas only 33 % think the same of John McCain !  

John McCain still trailing behind Obama

Le Parisien

The financial crisis was the main topic of the second presidential debate, which took place in Nashville Tennessee.

The economy is the main subject of the debate


The Republican candidate failed in his attempt to surprise voters during the debate. No fireworks in this confrontation. John McCain continues to slip in polls...  

Obama considered as the great winner 

Le Monde

The American press has been quick to notice that there has been no gaffe, no fatal blow during the second debate. John McCain is behind Obama in polls nationally and in several states...  


Polls : Obama won the debate

The different polls carried out just after the debate show that the Democratic candidate won the debate. John McCain is trailing in the polls by eight points, and there had been a lot of expectations in this debate, but...

And here is the last straw :

John McCain : THE CRASH

Le journal du dimanche en ligne

For the second time in a row, Illinois Senator Barack Obama won the presidential debate. He appeared as solid and confident and thus reassured voters...  

To conclude, I am asking a question that I have often asked before :
what is the use of going to the polls on the fourth of November ?

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