Republicans do not want to win

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We, Hillary fans had hoped that the Republicans would do what the Hillary camp did not do during the primary campaign.

We hoped they would launch frontal attacks against Obama ; reveal the truth about his past, his personality, his ties to shady characters, even convicted felons.

Well, unfortunately, today, one month after the beginning of the official campaign, one must admit this disturbing fact : the Republicans are doing nothing of the kind.
In reality, they even behave as if they wanted to lose this election.

Today, Fox News announced :
"John McCain drops Ayers bomb !"

They were referring to this new ad released by the McCain camp :

A bomb ?
What sort of bomb are they speaking about ?

What is this spot going to change in voters' minds ?

Where are the frontal attacks, those which could crush Obama once and for all ?

What about revealing :

-Obama's connections with the ACORN organization which is currently suspected by the FBI of massive electoral fraud in favour of Democrats (precisions to follow : tomorrow's post + our new section : The truth about Obama) ?

- Obama's friendship with criminals like convicted felon Tony Rezko who was a fundraiser for him in Chicago ?

- Obama's close ties with his "mentor" Jeremiah Wright for many years, the racist pastor who insulted America and White Americans ?

- The fact that Obama has got the support of radical Muslim Black leaders like Louis Farrakhan ?

- The vast electoral fraud that his team organized during the caucuses last winter and last spring ?

- and last, but not least, the simple fact that Obama is ineligible ?

So why is the McCain camp not speaking about all this ?

What is Mr McCain doing ?

There will be no miracle : nothing will happen if Republicans do not react quickly.

Now this is an emergency.

Otherwise, Republicans are bound to lose...

But, is it not what they want ?

Why ? Why ?

Why are they behaving as if they really wanted to lose the White House ?

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