McCain's new ad : ACORN !

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Here it is !

At last, John McCain has heard us !

He has just released a new ad entitled "ACORN" which explains the whole story of Obama's ties with this group.

This ad tells the story we were telling you yesterday, and this is not good news for the Obama campaign :

In this  90-second web ad, we can hear an announcer declare Obama "a man with a political baptism performed at warp speed" who has "vast ambition."

The ad accuses ACORN of "bullying banks, intimidation tactics" and "disruption of business." It says ACORN stands accused of "massive voter fraud" and says that "Obama's ties to ACORN run long and deep. He taught classes for ACORN. They even endorsed him for President."



Moreover, on Friday, in a conference call with reporters, McCain campaign manager Rick Davis said he is worried the election is being "stolen" in several battleground states where irregularities have been discovered in voter registrations collected by ACORN, the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now .

The McCain camp is now calling for federal investigations and media inquiries into the  group ACORN and its ties to Sen. Barack Obama.

"We don't think the election is something that should be stolen from the American electorate," Davis said, calling on Obama to join him in calling for the inquiries.

"ACORN is an organization that has violated the law on a repeated basis," Davis said. "Barack Obama has given $832,000 within the last year to an organization that is a front group for ACORN."

Now the MSM can no longer ignore the story...

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Great post. Thanks for the analysis.