A place called "Hope"...

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"I still believe in a place called Hope"...

This is how Bill Clinton ended his acceptance speech in 1992, at the Democratic National Convention.

He was referring to the place where he was born, in Arkansas.

Bill Clinton's birth home in Hope, Arkansas.

Bill and Hillary Clinton spent many years in Arkansas as governor and first lady, from 1978 to 1992.

In February 2008, Hillary Clinton won a crushing victory against Barack Obama in the Arkansas democratic primary.

On Friday, Hillary Clinton came back to Arkansas, to try to convince the people who had voted for her to support her former rival.

The Associated Press Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., waves after a campaign rally in support of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., Friday outside the Capitol in Little Rock as retired Gen. Wesley Clark, back left, and Sen. Vic Synder, D-Ark., back right, look on.

She  asked her supporters to help make Arkansas winnable for former rival Barack Obama.

Clinton spoke to an estimated crowd of about 3,000 people gathered in front of the state Capitol for a rally on behalf of Obama’s presidential campaign. Clinton, who won 70 percent of the state’s vote in the Democratic primary in February, said she wants her backers in the state to work just as hard for Obama.

“I’m here today to ask you, all of you who worked for me, all of you who voted for me, to do the same for Barack Obama and Joe Biden,” Clinton said. 

She  was the overwhelming choice of Democrats in Arkansas’ primary and received the backing of the state’s top Democrats during her battle with Obama for the nomination. Republicans are confident that John McCain has a lock on the state, and Obama hasn’t campaigned in Arkansas during the primary or general election season.

Nevertheless, Clinton said she believed that a state that has gone Republican in the past two elections can go Democratic next month.

I believe that Arkansas is winnable. I believe that, if we do our job and get our message out, we can convince enough people between now and Nov. 4,” Clinton said.

Once again, as a good and obedient soldier obeying the rules of her party, Hillary Clinton praised her former rival as the best choice to lead the nation as it faces an economic crisis and war.

“I think it is safe to say we have not seen more troubles at one time since World War Two,” she said. “Probably no president will inherit more challenges that President Obama will, since Harry Truman had to take over from Franklin Roosevelt.”

But she forgot to say that Obama is no Roosevelt, and no Truman either !

Clinton was joined at the rally by Democratic governor Beebe and other top Democrats in the state, including Wesley Clark, the retired Army general who ran unsuccessfully for the party’s Democratic presidential nomination in 2004.

Beebe and other Democratic leaders have said Obama will have a tough time winning Arkansas if he continues to ignore the state. McCain, meanwhile, has campaigned in Little Rock and Rogers since clinching the party’s nomination.

But Barack Obama probably despises this state which elected and reelected a man he hates - Bill Clinton- many times. He certainly thinks he has no chance of winning there...

And he is right !
Yes, indeed, it will probably be hard to make Arkansans change their minds in November, whatever Hillary may say or do.

Arkansas loves the Clintons, but they do not like Obama at all...

Here is a state which has got a good judgement...

Thanks to states like Arkansas, maybe the general election will have a happy end, finally...

Maybe states like Arkansas will be strong enough to resist this terrible disease, Obamania...

Let's "still believe in a place called hope"...

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