Hillary : It is over !

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Hillary's supporters are living difficult moments...

The polls are now all predicting a victory of Barack Obama on election day.

John McCain does not seem to be willing to fight against him : his supporters have asked him to "take the gloves off", but as soon as he does, he immediately regrets it and apologizes for going too far.

So we have got the impression that there is a vast conspiracy aiming at putting Obama in the White House...

Even the Clntons this week-end made a joint appearance in Philadelphia to express their strong support to Hillary's former rival publicly.

And now Hillary recongnizes herself that the fight is over.
As if she thought Obama would win in 2008, then run again in 2012, and she would never be able to try again...

She now  puts her chances of running for president again at near zero.

She was asked the question in an interview  on the Fox News program "Fox & Friends." on Tuesday.
Clinton was also asked the chances, on a scale of 1 to 10, that she would be the next majority leader in the Senate.

She replied: "Oh, probably zero. I'm not seeking any other position than to be the best senator from New York that I can be."

Asked the chances of her being nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court, she again said: "Zero. I have no interest in doing that."

And she even added that she is looking forward to working as a senator with a Barack Obama administration !

How disappoointing !
How sad !
Such a brilliant woman falling in line, too...

Has she forgotten her supporters, who have believed in her so much, for such a long time ?
Can she imagine how they feel ?
Does she really think they will be happy with an Obama's presidency ?

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