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John McCain has never managed to find the right tone nor the right strategy to fight his African-American opponent, and now it may be too late...

John McCain has not known how to attack Obama, probably because he was afraid (the Obama camp played the race card so often!) ; he has refused to lead an aggressive campaign against him, as he should have done (in a "normal" presidential campaign).

And yet, he has had a lot of opportunities...

He should have done what the Clinton camp could not do, because they belong to the same party as Obama.
The Clintons could not speak about Obama's relationships with terrorists, racist pastors, convicted corrupted businessmen, organizations accused of electoral fraud.
The Clintons could not speak about Obama's possible ineligibility.
The Clintons could not remind voters Obama was a drug-dealer when he was young.

But it was the Republicans' duty to do so.
And yet, John McCain has refused the fight.
He has been too timorous, too shy, too weak. He has even committed the major political mistake to tell voters they could trust Obama !
Republicans have made a terrible blunder : now people think they can vote for Obama without risk.
But of course, they are wrong... And when they realize it, it will be too late...

Everybody fell into the trap set by the Obama camp and their dear friends, the media : Obama MUST be elected president of the United States, so that America may redeem itself. America will thus be able to pay for its past sins, for its attitude towards Black people.
And anybody who does not agree with this is racist...

In order to accomplish a pseudo-redemption, America is now entering dangerous times : confronted to a major economic crisis, and endless wars against terrorism, the country is ready to elect to the presidency a man whose ambition and inexperience are probably unprecedented in American history...

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