Hillary's new love

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Hillary Clinton, former adversary of "the Great Man who is going to Save America", has now become one of his staunchest supporters.

Yesterday, she even attended the last presidential debate at Hofsra University. She was one of the cheerleaders in the public, encouraging Obama.

Like everybody, she has fallen in love with "His Majesty", and she now venerates him as a semi-God.

She admires him so much his great talents and oratory skills that she could not help being there, with him, yesterday.

 Hillary at Hofsra University yesterday.

Some of her supporters have been wondering if she is not acting like that in the hope of being given a prominent position in Barack Obama's cabinet, if he happened to be elected (by the way, I should not write "if", I should write "when" if I am to believe the media today).

But when journalists asked her the question, she answered she wanted to stay a senator.

"I am committed to being in the Senate, working with President Obama," she said. "I think we have a real chance to break the gridlock, get things done, start progress going again in America...We still might have to face a filibuster if we don't get to 60 Democratic senators. We can't afford to whittle down the majority that President Obama will need to make some very hard decisions that will be in the best interest of our country."


So, now that we can be sure that Hillary is not hoping to be rewarded with a cabinet position, we are left with only one possible explanation for her presence yesterday, and her continuous support for "the Saviour" these days :

she is now suffering herself from the famous disease which is now spreading everywhere in America and the planet : Obamania !

The disease is indeed a terrible one : people have been taken ill, one after the other. I am wondering if I may not be the last person in the world to resist....
But, still, I really can't !
No, I won't !
I will not succumb !

But how hard it is to resist !
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