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As explained several time already on this blog, the issue of Obama’s citizenzip remains alive.


Indeed the American Constitution requires of all American Presidents to be natural born American citizens. It is called the Hamilton exception, referring to the Founding Father Alexander Hamilton who was born in the West Indies. Any sixth grader knows that.



A short fact reminder:


Obama life’s journey raises two issues. The first potential obstacle is his place of birth. The second sure obstacle is his adoption by his step-father.



When Obama was adopted in his early years by his step-father Leo Soetoro, an Indonesian citizen, Indonesia did not recognize the principle of dual citizenship. In return, the United States did the same with regards to Indonesian citizens.


Therefore, upon his adoption by his stepfather, Obama lost his American citizenship.


It has to be known, that understanding the unfair character of such situation imposed to a child by his parents, American laws provide him/her for the possibility of regaining the American citizenship upon turning 18. Nonetheless, this procedure does not restore the American born status, but rather grants a Naturalized one.


The federal case pending in Philadelphia on the subject, submit several arguments to the official character of Obama’s adoption: a school registration, the Indonesia laws then in effect, and the rites and obligations of the Muslim religion. (Leo Soetoro was a Muslim)



But, up to now, Obama’s camp remained absolutely silence on the question. MUTE.


Same for the MSM which despite being perfectly aware of a future constitutional crisis pointing on the horizon, has so far chosen to bury their heads in the sand.


And now, for the African Press International!!!


Following a less than favorable post on Obama on this small blog managed by a Kenyan refugee having claimed asylum in the Netherlands and working for the Netherlands Immigration Services, the blogger receives a phone call from a woman introducing herself as MICHELLE OBAMA


The conversation is fierce. That an African opposes in anyway her husband bid to the presidency does not sit well with Michelle.


What Michelle does not know is that the conversation is recorded.



She says verbatim: “It is strange that API has chosen to support the racists against my husband. There is no shame in being adopted by a stepfather. All dirt has been thrown onto my husband's face and yet he loves this country. My husband and I know that there is no law that will stop him from becoming the president, just because some American white racists are bringing up the issue of my husband's adoption by his stepfather. The important thing here is where my husband's heart is at the moment. I can tell the American people that my husband loves this country and his adoption never changed his love for this country. He was born in Hawaii, yes, and that gives him all the right to be an American citizen even though he was adopted by a foreigner."




Not only the tone is undeniably racist, but more specifically, the conversation prove at length the constitutional fraud perpetuated by the Obama candidacy.


For the first time since he decided to run, somebody close to him (his wife) states Obama had indeed been adopted by his step-father.


But, in the lawyer she is, Michelle chooses her words carefully. For instance, she says “My husband loves THIS country” and not “My husband loves HIS country”.  She goes sentimental “There is no shame in being adopted”.  She talks about of where her husband’s heart is rather than the nature of his citizenship.  She does not say he is American, but rather declares he has the right to be.  In truth, she totally evades the constitutional criteria of natural born citizenship.


According to the very latest news from API, the exclusive rights to the tape are about to be sold to one of the American MSM. 


Just a little more than two weeks away from an election now narrowing again, such release is a disaster for the Obama campaign. Beyond the technicalities and legalese, it shows Obama to be a liar, even by omission, and to be an impostor and a person pausing himself above the Constitution.


And for a LOT of American voters ready to cast their ballot for Obama, albeit not because of him personally but because he is a Democrat, that’s a deal breaker.



In the States, you don’t mess with the CONSTITUTION.



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