Agent provocateur ?

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So the TAPE is about to be release.  


You know the tape recording Michelle Obama admitting several times her husband has been adopted by his Indonesian step-father, openly viewing the world in Black and White (yes pun intended), calling the number one best seller author Jerome Corsi evil (what about the millions people having read his book, are they evil too?) and attempting to bribe the blogger for a positive post. The one where a prospective First Lady throw under the bus in less than 10 minutes, the Constitution, Freedom of Speech, Adherence to Critical Spirit, and the American Dream of Equality for all, with a pinch of Witch Hunt for good measure.



The disastrous tape which could flip the American Presidential elections on its head during home stretch.


Beyond the message which is burning through the Internet, the question has to be raised in the skeptical wolrd of politics. Is that really Michelle Obama speaking on the tape.  But more importantly, does it matter?


I certainly do not doubt the validity of the API editor’s story.  Korir is a Kenyan refugee having claimed and obtained Asylum in the Netherlands for religious reasons. He now works for the Netherlands Immigration Services. 



In one hand, obviously Korir has all the reasons in the world to dislike Obama.  Indeed as French Puma exposed it two days ago on this blog (, Obama has been a staunched supporter of Odinga not only campaigning for him and with him in Kenya but contributing more than a million dollars to him in 2007.


But on the other hand, Korir has everything to loose by lying.  His Asylum status, his government job, and even his life if he were sent back to Kenya.


So if the authenticity of the tape is assumed, then was it really Michelle Obama on the other side? 


The language used certainly seems like her. The bullying and sense of entitlement are right on target. It fit the image. The rhythm of the sentences seems accurate to her style and the words chosen are definitely hinting to a legal background (Michelle is a non practicing lawyer). The way she is dancing around the issue of adoption and citizenship is typical lawyer BS.


But why would a woman married to a candidate engaged in the election fight of his life, would take the time to call a little blogger in Netherlands and behave so carelessly.


In another hand, why would a woman so sure of her husband inevitability that she is already measuring the White House for drapes, NOT bully her way around and open her big mouth, especially to a little blooger out of nowhere.  What could be the risk of that?


So basically the story fits.


And with time running out, it’s all that matters. Even if the Obama camp comes out swigging with wagons of experts swearing on their children heads that’s not Michelle speaking, the message is out.


What Obama successfully suppressed for years, the incertitude of his American Citizenship nature, is now burning the Internet and because the MSM will air the tape, millions of regular Joes will know it too.


And bottom line, Americans do not like it at all when somebody is caught with their hand in the cookie jar messing with their Constitution or their constitutional rights.


So: Check Mate.


Or as the Republicans would say: Don’t look at us. We didn’t do anything, not us…



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