Nothing to be proud of...

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For Barack Obama, the endorsement of Colin Powell is really nothing to be proud of.


Colin Powell, it is true, once was a much respected figure in America.


But nobody has forgotten how he has destroyed his own credibility with his United Nations speech made in  february 2003, a speech full of lies. Everybody remembers how he ridiculed himself, using electronical intercepts, satellite photographs and other intelligence sources  in an effort to convince skeptical members of the U.N. Security Council that Iraq was actively working to deceive U.N. weapons inspectors.

He lied about Iraq because George Bush had asked him to. Colin Powell asserted to the whole world that Iraq had weapons of massive destruction, and therefore, that the war was justified. It is his speech which led the USA into this horrible war which is  not over yet.



And the problem is that so far, Colin Powell has never apologized for his speech, for his lies, and he has remained unrepentant.


So how could such a man be a boost to Obama’s campaign ?


Moreover, the contradiction between what Powell represents and what Obama claims to represent is striking.

One is at the origin of the Iraq War (Powell) ; the other one makes people believe he has voted against the war (Obama).

So tell me,  please, where is the logic ?

 For the millions of Americans supporting Obama because of his opposition to the war, this is disconcerting, to say the least.

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